Have you ever heard a news story about doctors illegally prescribing pain medications? Often, “pill mill” is associated with these dealings. What is a pill mill? Overall, it’s a phrase authorities use when describing the act of prescribing narcotics when they aren’t necessary.

What is a Pill Mill?

empty vials illustrate what is a pill millAlthough many patients visit doctors for valid reasons, some people simply look for more medication.

Above all, opioid painkillers are highly addictive. Many people who begin taking narcotics for real medical concerns become dependent on them.

Even after improvement, they’ll seek pills to counteract powerful withdrawal symptoms. Overall, they do so to continue experiencing euphoria.

Doctors who write prescriptions without medical justification contribute to the U.S. opioid epidemic. Licensed doctors may illegally sell prescription narcotics to people with cash. Unfortunately, the individuals who buy them may develop an addiction and continue seeking more drugs.

Are Pill Mill Doctors Legitimate?

What are pill mills doing when they’re not handing out medications? Often, these facilities are run by legitimate doctors. They may be handling real medical concerns while conducting illegal activity on the side.

Additionally, some pill mills see hundreds of patients a day. Because they’re not addressing real health issues, they can schedule more appointments than a reputable medical institution.

The Dangers of Pill Mills

Besides churning out addictive drugs, pill mill providers give out dangerous drug cocktails. Specifically, harmful drug interactions can occur when you mix illicit substances. Regardless, physicians are routinely prescribing medication combinations that increase the risk of addiction development, or worse, overdose.

Signs of A Pill Mill

Furthermore, many Pill Mill organizations disguise themselves as pain clinics. For example, warning signs include:

  • No necessary physical exam
  • No pain alternative treatments
  • Use of a special pharmacy or dispensing medication at the facility
  • Unnecessary security guards
  • People standing in line for treatment

Drug Addiction Rehab With Steps to Recovery

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