Looking for 12-Step Programs in Bucks County PA?The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that more than 21 million Americans required treatment for substance abuse-related problems, but less than 1% of those people, around two million, have gotten proper care. As drug and alcohol abuse numbers continue to rise, there’s never been a greater need for education on the dangers of substance abuse. 12-Step Programs in Bucks County PA such as Steps to Recovery in Levittown, treat and educate patients and family members on the dangers of substance abuse.

People begin abusing drugs and alcohol for various reasons and each situation is different. Because of the complex and individual nature of substance use and abuse, it’s important that treatment is also flexible and personalized.

Steps to Recovery offers a 12-steps-based treatment model that incorporates family members and seeks to treat those with co-occurring disorders. Many of our patients have failed to get the proper dual diagnosis they need and thus rehab hasn’t worked for them up to this point. Steps to Recovery aims to change that and create a lasting recovery for patients.

12-Step Programs in Bucks County PA

Substance abuse disorders arise when patients start experiencing serious negative effects in their lives because of drugs or alcohol. This can range from financial hardship, broken relationships, decreased performance at school or work, trouble with the law or health issues. When people’s lives start to revolve around their addiction, and use or acquisition of the substance is all they can think about, a substance abuse disorder most certainly exists. Unfortunately, recovering from addiction is nearly impossible without qualified professional treatment.

With 12-Step Programs in Bucks County PA such as Steps to Recovery, patients enter a two-phase treatment program beginning with PHP and IOP. The first phase teaches basic life skills, utilizes group and individual counseling, sets daily goals and educates patients on the 12 steps and addiction in general. The second phase expands life skills teaching, offers resources for integrating back into society and helps patients make plans for long-term sobriety.

What to Expect at 12-Step Programs in Bucks County PA

Drug and alcohol abuse have devastating effects on both the people suffering from it and those around them. There’s no one factor that sets up substance abuse and many things like a person’s environment, mental health and genetics all play a part. Time-tested 12-step programs begin with recognizing that you can’t control your addiction through willpower. Addiction is a disease and must be treated through medical means to facilitate a lasting recovery.

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