Ensuring the Highest Standards

STR Behavioral Health is committed to high-quality care and effective treatment for our client’s emotional, mental, and behavioral health issues. We are constantly measured by nationally respected organizations that monitor the quality of care and education in treatment centers across the country. The accreditations we hold demonstrate that we are meeting these goals year after year, providing our clients with treatment that leads to long-lasting recovery.

Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs

STR Behavioral Health operates under licensing guidelines from the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs.

The Joint Commission

STR Behavioral Health is accredited by The Joint Commission through leading practices that focus on the improvement of quality and patient safety in health care. The Joint Commission is the Nation’s oldest and largest healthcare accrediting agency, and we take pride in meeting their requirements for a quality healthcare setting.

GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality

STR Behavioral Health is a member of the GMLA. The GMLA is involved in healthcare policy, education, and advocacy efforts for equality and inclusion of the LGBTQ community.


LegitScript is the leading third-party certification expert in complex healthcare sectors. Being LegitScript certified means that Steps to Recovery is fully compliant and meets their ethical standards in all web and digital media marketing communication.

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