In many situations, it’s beneficial for those with drug and alcohol addictions to attend a gender-specific rehab program. Ultimately, a men’s drug addiction rehab program can create a more comfortable environment where it’s much easier to openly share.

The benefits of male-specific programs

A man looks healthy and sober after a men's drug rehab programIt’s extremely difficult to go through treatment for any addiction. Often, addiction occurs because of trauma or mental illness. When you’re going through addiction, it’s necessary to be honest with yourself, which takes a tremendous amount of courage and strength.

In gender-specific rehab, this process is much easier. When you’re with other males at a men’s drug rehab program, you have the freedom put all of your focus on your therapy and clinical assignments. You can also develop deep and supportive friendships with other men in your treatment center.

At times, being in a male and female rehab community means that romantic relationships are possible. However, drug treatment is simply not the place to foster romantic relationships. Drug treatment programs have one purpose, and that is to help patients get sober and improve their lives. A men’s drug rehab program allows male patients to put all of their concentration and healing power on their treatment.

The men’s drug rehab program at Steps to Recovery

At Steps to Recovery, we offer treatment programs for men, specifically, that allow them to focus on treatment. Our programs use the 12 step program philosophy. Additionally, we offer a partial hospitalization program which caters to the individual patient.

Once a patient is able to complete this partial hospitalization program, they’ll go on to an intensive outpatient program lasting approximately 12 to 16 days. Both of these programs together make up phase 1 of our unique two-phase addiction treatment program. This is unique to Steps to Recovery and works.

In terms of what we focus on, in the first phase, addiction therapy services center around individual, group, and family counseling. Additionally, we’ll help you establish daily goals and you’ll have access to addiction education, 12 step information, and basic life skills.

Phase 2 goes on to expand on these life skills and teach longer term sobriety skills. You’ll also learn tools for integrating yourself back into society after treatment. All of these treatments cater specifically to men.

What other services come with the men’s drug rehab program?

In addition to providing special inpatient hospitalization and outpatient drug rehab programs for men, Steps to Recovery also additional addiction recovery services to make rehab as painless as possible. These services help our clients and their families. They include:

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If you’re a man who needs drug or alcohol addiction treatment, Steps to Recovery can help. We believe in the highest quality of care, and we do our utmost to ensure that our patients get the best treatment possible. The needs of our clients are our top priority.

To learn more about the outpatient and inpatient drug rehab programs that we offer, give us a call today at 866-488-8684. It’s never too late to start over after addiction. The first day of the rest of your life could begin today with a men’s drug rehab program.