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Time to Talk Day

As many cognitive psychologists and therapists know, millions of people around the world struggle with mental health issues. Because of the stigma surrounding mental disorders,

young woman showing signs of bulimia

Common Signs of Bulimia

Our appearance-obsessed society makes it all too easy for people to become preoccupied with their body image. It makes disorders such as anorexia and bulimia

man struggling with one of the many cognitive disorders

What Are Cognitive Disorders?

It’s not very often that people suffer from only one mental disorder. Experts suggest that once the brain develops any disorder, it’s easy for it

individual struggling with social anxiety disorder symptoms

Common Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Numerous mental disorders go hand in hand with substance use disorder. One example is a social anxiety disorder. It’s important for people to learn more

young woman suffering from OCD and addiction

The Connection Between OCD and Addiction

Most people know that addiction is a mental disorder. However, once the brain develops one disorder, it’s extremely easy for it to form another. In

adolescent suffering with the symptoms of severe depression

The Symptoms of Severe Depression

Many mental disorders can spur from the development of substance use disorder. One example is severe depression. People who suffer from this disorder often turn

woman experiencing the benefits of meditation

What Are the Benefits of Meditation?

Meditation is becoming a big part of addiction rehab. In fact, many centers use it alongside rehab staples such as group and individual therapies. Why

woman wonders what causes eating disorders

What Causes Eating Disorders?

What causes eating disorders? Some people ask this question because they suffer from an eating disorder. Others ask it because they suspect that someone they

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