What causes eating disorders? Some people ask this question because they suffer from an eating disorder. Others ask it because they suspect that someone they love suffers from one. Regardless of why it’s important to educate people about these types of mental illness.

What Causes Eating Disorders?

woman wonders what causes eating disordersTo better understand these conditions, people have to know what causes eating disorders. Unfortunately, it isn’t straightforward to narrow down a single cause. In fact, many factors can lead to the development of an eating disorder.

One element that scientists have linked is biological factors. Genetics play a role in determining how likely people are to develop a disorder. This connection relates to more than just eating disorders. For example, experts also believe that genetics play a role in the development of substance use disorder.

Psychological factors also have a connection with the development of eating disorders. People with low self-esteem or impulsive personalities are more likely to develop these conditions. At the same time, anxiety and stress can lead to these types of illness.

What Puts People at Greater Risk?

Everyone experiences anxiety or even a little stress from time to time. For others, eating disorders run in their families. However, not everyone develops mental disorders because of these factors. In those cases, why is it that some people develop problems but others don’t?

Doctors don’t know for sure what causes eating disorders in some people but not in others. However, specific risk factors might make them more likely to develop eating disorders. For example, people with other mental illnesses have a higher risk. Even having a substance use disorder puts them at an increased risk.

People who are on a strict diet are also more likely to develop an eating disorder. They already actively control what they eat to achieve or maintain a specific figure. Because of that, it’s not a far stretch for them to obsess about it. When that happens, it doesn’t take long for an eating disorder to set in.

Getting the Disorder Under Control

Regardless of why people develop eating disorders, it’s essential that they get their habits under control. Eating disorders can quickly lead to health problems, including death. For younger people, it can even cause problems with growth and development.

We Can Help You With What Causes Eating Disorders

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