Why Is Community Support Necessary for A Successful Recovery?

Addiction is a very complicated disease. It can be all-consuming and affects all factors of one’s life including work, studies, personal relationships, and more. So when someone decides that they want to conquer their addiction and begin their journey toward recovery, they’re bound to go through their fair share of changes.

For this reason and many others, it’s vital for people in recovery to have community support. A strong community gives these individuals the emotional and concrete support that is required to successfully move on from addiction.


Starting the Recovery Journey

Everyone who has been through recovery knows it can be a tough experience, especially in the beginning, but it is so worth it to move on from addiction and live a healthy life. It may sometimes seem impossible to recover, but when it’s approached head-on the individual can achieve a new level of happiness. Sobriety can open brand new doors for people, as long as they have the support and resources they need.

When someone decides to start recovery, they should enroll in a program at some sort of facility that specializes in addiction. Once they’re in rehab or a hospital, they’ll begin learning the tools they need to succeed.


Types of Treatment Methods for Addiction

Every treatment program is different, depending on the individual and their specific case, but rehabilitation centers offer a general suite of services for those struggling with addiction. These services or treatment methods may include:

  • Assistance with abstinence from substances
  • Medical detoxification
  • One-on-one therapy
    • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Medication
  • Career training
  • Group therapy
    • 12-step programs
    • Other group-based meetings

The group therapy component, specifically, offers the community support that helps people grow both during and after rehab treatment.


What Is Community Support?

The word “support” is very broad, so what makes something community support? Community support is defined as a group of people who provide resources and support of all types to each other. These community networks are typically structured and hold group meetings to share stories and support. People in these communities will usually share valuable sobriety information, necessities (like an outfit for an interview), emotional support, concrete assistance (such as a place to live), and more.


Support: The Key Component in Treatment

While all treatment methods work together to encourage recovery, community support is among the most important. When someone leaves rehab, they will no longer have immediate access to daily meetings and traditional treatment. They will, however, have a community of individuals who know where they have been and are there to help them.


Why Do You Need Support for Sobriety?

Those recovering from addiction may benefit from community support in several ways. Some of the benefits of community support during recovery may include:

  • A sense of belonging
  • A safe & secure environment
  • Ability to escape one’s concerns
  • Helpful for loneliness & isolation
  • Providing hope for the future

Having a support system that offers all these things sounds great, but you will only benefit from community support if it is the right group for you.


Where to Find A Strong Support System

So how do you find community support during recovery? AA and other recovery groups offer specified meetings with groups of people who have been through similar situations. Those who are interested in community support can search online to find groups or online meetings that may be available.


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