The Holidays present a challenging time for those who have gone through addiction treatment. A little-advanced preparation will go a long way toward helping you succeed in your efforts to stay sober. The following information outlines some important tips for having a sober Halloween this Holiday season.

The Link between Holidays and Substance Abuse

woman enjoying a sober halloweenRelapse prevention is possible with some basic understanding of the challenges that the Holidays can present. Generally, most people celebrate the Holidays by attending gatherings that center around food and alcoholic beverages. The general relaxed spirit at these festivities may encourage some people to let their guard down when it comes to various temptations. Careful planning will help you have a sober Halloween while still enjoying all the fun that this holiday has to offer.

Tips for Enjoying a Sober Halloween

The following tips and advice can help you plan for a sober Halloween. Don’t forget to enlist the help and support of your family members and friends along the way. After all, they want to see you succeed in remaining sober.

Change Your Scenery

If you were in the habit of attending specific parties while you were using drugs or alcohol, it may be best to avoid these places entirely. Being in these locations can trigger memories that may encourage strong cravings. By the same token, be sure to avoid past acquaintances who still abuse addictive substances.

Have a Response Ready

Always have a response ready for those who might offer you an addictive substance. If the people are not aware of your history, you don’t necessarily need to share this information. Simply have a short reply in mind to make these situations easier.

Create New Holiday-Related Traditions

You can also use your newfound sobriety as an opportunity to create new Holiday traditions. Perhaps you will decide to completely forgo any parties or activities to enjoy your sober Halloween. Rather, you may host a party in your own home or engage in other exciting activities with family and friends.

Eat and Drink Before Attending Parties

If you do choose to attend parties where addictive substances may be present, it will help if you eat and drink before you arrive. Arriving hungry or thirsty may allow your resolve to remain sober to wane. Arrive at any holiday-related events hydrated and well-rested so that you will be more equipped to resist temptation.

Have a Support Person

Many people who have completed addiction treatment have at least one person they can call at any time they are feeling weak. You may even choose to have several close friends or companions that you can rely on. Keep these phone numbers with you at all times. Reach out to your support network anytime you feel vulnerable.

Help Your Loved One Have a Sober Halloween

Family support can be very beneficial for those looking for ways to have a sober Halloween. It may be helpful to sit down and talk about your Holiday plans as a family. Be sure to let your loved ones know the weaknesses that concern you the most. They can be a lifeline of support when temptations arise.

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