Are you having problems getting insurance coverage for drug rehab? You are not alone. Many people pay a lot of money for insurance they think will be there for them when they or a family member need help, only to find out that they are often denied insurance coverage for drug rehab…During one of the times they will need the help the most in their life.

We would all like to believe in the best intentions and that services like insurance are there to help us when we are hurting and need financial support. Sadly, the reality is not that these companies have the best interests of the people who support them at heart. Insurance companies are in business to make money, and in keeping their goal in mind, they will sell the people who need their services short whenever they can, even when you they need insurance coverage for addiction treatment, which could be life saving. Leveraging themselves on the backs of addicts and their families, insurance companies make absorbent amounts of money while cheating people out of the treatment and life they deserve.

Many addicts die unnecessarily because they can’t get insurance coverage for drug rehab costs. Insurance companies do everything they can to stay ahead of the laws. People and politicians work hard to ensure legislation is passed that protects these vulnerable individuals, and the insurance companies work harder to revise their wording and policies, reframing their eligibility requirements to make sure to spend as little money as possible on the people who need it most. They play nasty tricks like denying inpatient treatment for an addict who hasn’t failed at an outpatient treatment program yet; because of this practice, many people suffer much longer than necessary and there are needless deaths because addicts can’t get insurance coverage for drug abuse rehab they so desperately need.

Here at Steps to Recovery, we work hard to get you the highest financial participation your insurance company offers for your treatment. Based on your unique circumstances, we advocate for you to your insurance company and help ensure you get the most from your coverage. It can be a difficult situation to work out, but we are here to help you get the best possible insurance coverage for drug rehab by your insurance company. Contact Steps to Recovery today to see how we can help you.