Last week Steps to Recovery were proud to take part in a Narcan demonstration with Lower Makefield Police Chief, Ken Coluzzi. The initiative is designed to put an opioid antagonist called Naloxone into the hands of police officers in 6+ police departments across Bucks County. Officers who have completed the training will be able to apply the drug to suspected opioid overdoses and will save lives.

The initiative is possible because of a change of law in Pennsylvania last fall. Gov. Tom Corbett signed the bill into law last November. Since then Delaware County has said that it has saved 14 lives already. Since then we have worked hard in conjunction with private investors and the Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission to fund the distribution of 300 Narcan packs across Bucks County and to have officers trained.

Police Chief Ken Coluzzi hailed the provision of Narcan as “life-saving medicine.” He went on to say “I am delighted that we are finally able to provide our police officers with this life-saving tool. This is another tool in the arsenal that’s going to save lives. It’s long overdue.”

“It is clear that heroin kills and Narcan saves,” confirmed Bucks County Chief of Prosecutions, Matt Weintraub. “I’m very pleased to say that now when a police officer arrives on the scene of a heroin overdose, he or she is not going to be powerless to save that person’s life.”

It is our hope that this is just the start of Narcan provision across the county and wider state. Our combined funding initiative means there will be more packs available and we will continue to work with Police Chief Coluzzi and other police chiefs across the state to increase awareness and training in this vital medication.


Quotes courtesy of Bucks Local News reporter Jeff Werner.

Image Credit: © Steps to Recovery