In many ways, the statistics on millennial prescription drug abuse and other substance abuse and addiction are promising. Overall illegal drug use is on the decline, and so is the consumption of alcohol. However, the prescription drug epidemic has not skipped over millennials. In fact, the group is sometimes called Generation Rx.

Millennials Most Likely Age Group to Use Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are used by all ages, and all age groups are susceptible to abuse and addiction. However, millennials are now the demographic most likely to abuse prescription drugs. Overall, as many as 12 percent of millennials have abused prescription drugs.

Recreational Millennial Prescription Drug Abuse Paves the Way for Addiction

One of the reasons that so many millennials try and then abuse prescription drugs is because they mistakenly believe that they don’t come with serious side effects. Widespread use among young people, and particularly on college campuses, can downplay the consequences.

In reality, many of the people who use prescription drugs for a temporary high can end up with a lifelong illness. The risk of developing a drug addiction is a whopping five times bigger for those who use prescription drugs in a recreational way.

Accessibility to Stimulants at an All-Time High for Millennials

College students and Adderall addiction is a serious concern. Adderall, and other stimulants, are used widely on college campuses as a way to stay awake or increase performance. Over 90 percent of college students surveyed said they could easily access stimulants from their peers.

Legal Opioid Prescriptions for Millennials on the Rise

Not all millennials are getting their prescription painkillers and opioids illegally. In fact, 33 percent of millennials who abuse prescription opiates are getting them from a physician. This absolutely indicates there needs to be more careful monitoring of drug prescriptions, especially because of the dangerous effects of opiates.

20 Percent of Teens Abuse Prescription Drugs

The millennial demographic includes people between the ages of 18 and 35, roughly. The youngest of these are unfortunately abusing prescription drugs at growing rates. In one survey, as many as 20 percent of teens have used prescription drugs recreationally.

Millennial prescription drug abuse might be on the rise, but there are solutions. Steps to Recovery in Pennsylvania can help patients create a custom plan for their addiction recovery. Call 267.719.8528 to take back control from prescription drug abuse and addiction.