[page_parents]IOP cocaine treatment in PACocaine causes an increase in dopamine in the brain, which is the chemical responsible for euphoric emotions. However, it also causes users to feel a severe mood crash when the drug wears off, which often leads to a chemical and mental dependency in those who use it. If you are looking for a way out, an IOP Cocaine Treatment in PA may be the answer.

The drug puts users at risk for various health issues, including psychological problems, but it’s also used by those with psychological disorders to self-medicate. Cocaine is extremely addictive because it requires more and more to achieve the same high that users desire.

Addicted users needing intensive outpatient treatment (IOP cocaine treatment) will typically find their life revolving around the drug, whether in acquiring it or using it. They will begin to experience various negative effects like school and work performance suffering, relationship problems and financial hardship. Health problems such as heart disease, decline in brain function and various psychological issues are all connected with cocaine addiction. The longer and more you use cocaine, the more likely you are to need IOP cocaine treatment in PA.

Where is There an IOP Cocaine Treatment in Pennsylvania (PA)?

Recovering from cocaine addiction is nearly impossible to accomplish by yourself, as the drug is highly addictive and withdrawal symptoms can be severe. If you need an IOP cocaine treatment in PA for a cocaine addiction, you might look at the treatment programs at Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA. Steps to Recovery offers intensive outpatient (IOP) programs as well as medical detox, inpatient residential, PHP (partial hospitalization) and general outpatient. Because withdrawal symptoms from cocaine can be intense, it’s highly likely that you will need to attend medical detox at the beginning of your treatment.

Some symptoms of cocaine withdrawal include chills, exhaustion, thoughts of suicide, anxiety, tremors, depression and more. The physical symptoms of cocaine withdrawal are not quite as bad as heroin withdrawal, but the psychological symptoms alone are very uncomfortable and even unsafe for most patients.

What to Expect at IOP Cocaine Treatment in PA

Intensive outpatient treatment programs are designed to give patients the highly focused treatment often received in residential programs, but with the freedom to return to home and work and keep commitments. Group therapy is a big part of intensive outpatient programs for cocaine addiction and explores a variety of subject matter including relapse prevention, family therapy, craving management, addiction education, socialization and co-occurring disorders among other topics. The groups are kept to around 10 patients at Steps to Recovery so that everyone can have a voice and feel safe sharing. Individual counseling is also offered, along with sessions that involves family members if desired.

Take the first step to overcome your cocaine addiction today by calling Steps to Recovery at 267.719.8528. The help you need is right here.