A counselor writes down inpatient rehab guidelinesIs drug or alcohol addiction ruining your life? Are your relationships and finances in shambles, with seemingly no hope on the horizon? Stopping the cycle of addiction is a massive undertaking, but it’s much easier with the right support. For many men and women who are serious about quitting, rehab treatment is the best way to make permanent changes. Follow these inpatient rehab guidelines when searching for treatment.

When You’ve Had Enough

Friends and family have been begging you to stop your destructive behaviors. In your heart of hearts, you know they’re right. An ever-increasing amount of your time is either spent using your substance of choice or thinking about getting more of it. Your desperate cravings may have even led to stealing or breaking the law.

However, when you do attempt to quit on your own, you experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms so severe you want to give up and start using. You may have tried an inpatient rehab program, only to relapse. The fact is that not all addiction treatment programs are the same. While you may stumble, you can still find an inpatient rehab facility that meets your unique needs.

The Pre-admissions Process

When you think about drug and alcohol treatment programs, your mind probably jumps right to the various therapies and life skills education classes many people take during rehab. While these are vital parts of a quality addiction treatment plan, the process starts when you make that first call.

At Steps to Recovery, a full-service alcohol and drug addiction rehab program located in Levittown, PA, we dedicate ourselves to really getting to know you. Our goal is to understand your unique needs and match you with a program most likely to promote lasting healing. When you speak with us, you’re interacting with counselors who understand what you’re going through. In fact, many have experience with addiction themselves and are now in stable recovery. Therefore, we will walk with you from that first phone call to graduation.

Requirements of Quality Inpatient Rehab

When you enroll in our partial hospitalization setting, you can expect to stay with us for about 35 days. During that time, you’ll benefit from a carefully customized treatment program that considers all of your physical, psychological, and emotional needs. A sample of one of your days here might include:

• Individual sessions with an addictions counselor to determine the causes and triggers of your substance abuse
Group sessions with peers to brainstorm coping strategies and better understand addiction patterns
Family counseling for building a healthy support system
• Physical fitness and recreational programs and outside meetings for health enrichment
• A clean, modern setting conducive to recovery

The partial hospitalization setting at Steps To Recovery lays the foundation for your graduation to our intensive outpatient program. During this stage, you’ll expand your life skills and begin integrating back into society. Should you need them, we can also connect you with sober living houses that will support your new, healthy lifestyle.

If you’re ready to put your destructive addiction behind you, call the caring counselors at Steps To Recovery today at 267.719.8528. We’re here to meet you wherever you are in your recovery process, and we would love to help you make lasting changes.