Posted by Steps to Recovery on December 29, 2012

We must not forget where we come from.

Gratitude in RecoveryIn recovery there is an old adage: A grateful addict never uses. Over years and years of recovery this has proven to be true. A key to a successful recovery is never forgetting where we came from. Addicts can sometimes get caught up in their new lives so much that they simply forget that just a short time ago they were the homeless guy on the street begging for money. Our minds have the ability to block out those memories and just remember the good times. Often times we see many addicts relapse because they somehow believe that they are “normal.” A gift of recovery is learning to live a “normal” life, however that does not mean we have become normal and cured our addiction.

Many addicts achieve years of recovery and lose empathy and compassion for those who are still sick and suffering. A new home, new car, and a few dollars in a bank account are not cures to the disease of addiction. They are simply gifts of hard work in recovery. Gifts that can quickly be stripped from us if we believe we are now normal people. A constant must of recovery is to stay grateful for all the little things in life and remember all the hard work we initially put into achieving those things. When an addict becomes jaded it is almost a guarantee that relapse is in the future if changes are not made.

We must never forget the struggle and horrors of our active addiction. Be willing to reach your hand out to the person who is still struggling and has yet to achieve the things you have in your recovery. The whole idea of recovery is to become a contributing normal member of society, but it is also to help others struggling to follow your path in doing so. Gratitude in recovery is a gift that must be held onto tightly and practiced on a daily basis.