Having the task of planning a bachelorette party is a big responsibility, whether you’re planning it for yourself or someone you love.  Maybe you’re sober, or the bride is sober, or you just want to have a bachelorette party that isn’t revolved around alcohol.  All too often we see pictures on social media and Pinterest about ‘cute’ bachelorette party drinks or drinking games, or parties that are planned in bars or clubs.  This mainstream view of bachelorette parties is not how all of them are, or have to be.  There are many fun ideas for bachelorette parties that don’t involve alcohol.

Get Crafty

I’ve seen it done before where women make arrangements to go to a wood-making class and makes personalized signs for the bride.  These are signs that she can hang in her home and create everlasting memories.  This can also be done with dishware!  Each attendee at the bachelorette party makes a piece of dishware that the bride can use in her own kitchen.  Each time that her and her significant other sit down to eat; they’re reminded of the love that went into each plate or bowl.  This is a super cute idea for someone that might appreciate hand-made gifts.  Another idea similar to this is to go to a pottery class, each member of the bridal party can make a unique piece of pottery to commemorate the special day spent together.


Dinner and Desert

If you’re a part of someone’s wedding, I’m sure you know them well enough to know about their favorite food or restaurants.  Make reservations at a cute or swanky restaurant that is either or fave or something new.  You can accent the reserved table with some cute decorations (I’ll namedrop Pinterest here too), as long as you check with the restaurant that you can have access to the table ahead of time.  If you add an additional layer of fun, plan some games to do during dinner.  A really fun game I’ve done is to create a scavenger hunt that the bridal party has to complete before the night is over.  Some examples that don’t include drinking could be; find someone at the restaurant to sing the “YMCA” song with you, prank call a friend, dance with a stranger, etc.  This can create a ton of fun memories to talk about for years to come.


Spa Day

Who doesn’t love a spa day?  Plan a day where the bridal party gets facials, nails, hair, massages, etc. done.  It’s relaxing and a great way to spend time together.  I mean, let’s be honest, what bride doesn’t need some R&R before her wedding day?


Get Away

Plan a getaway for the bridal party for a night or longer somewhere that the bride enjoys, or that you think she would enjoy.  This doesn’t have to be a super expensive vacation; rather you can find an affordable Airbnb in a local town or somewhere just a few hours away.  Have everyone pitch-in on food and other necessities and explore the area that you’re visiting.  What makes this extra fun – taking a road trip with the gang.

When I had my bachelorette party in recovery, my sister planned a camping getaway in her RV.  My bridal party was pretty small, so everyone was able to stay in the RV and we had a great time.  We spent most of the time just hanging out in nature, sitting and laughing by the bonfire, and we also planned a couple events like doing a ropes course at a local mountain.  It was an easy, affordable trip and we had an amazing time that I’ll remember forever.

Bachelorette parties don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, and certainly don’t need to include drinking.  There are plenty of fun things you can do based on what the bride likes and enjoys.