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5 Benefits of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) For Your Mental Health

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a useful therapeutic approach that encourages acceptance of negative thoughts, feelings, and events and promotes mindful participation in life. It combines the practices of acceptance and mindfulness to equip individuals with tools that will help them face life’s inevitable difficulties. Rather than trying to avoid the experiences of pain, illness, grief, anxiety, and disappointment, ACT teaches psychological flexibility and resilience, which enables people to


Benefits of Drama Therapy

Could You Benefit From This Holistic Health Treatment?   What Is Drama Therapy? Drama therapy (a type of Mentalization Based Therapy or MBT) is an experiential form of creative and expressive therapy that uses drama and theatre techniques. It is designed to help individuals develop problem-solving skills, express themselves, gain confidence, feel less isolated, relate to others, better understand their experiences, explore other perspectives, develop healthy coping mechanisms, use imagination

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What Are The MRT Steps?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a technique used in one-on-one and group therapy environments that encourages individuals to identify the roots of their traumas and discontinue negative or detrimental behaviors. There are many different types of CBT that have been developed specifically to help people achieve certain goals along their journeys toward recovery. Recovery, in this case, can be used to describe the personal development that comes after an individual suffers

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What Is IOP & What Does It Consist Of?

Know What to Expect From Intensive Outpatient Treatment   What Is IOP? IOP (an acronym for Intensive Outpatient Program) is a type of rehabilitation designed to treat substance abuse and mental health issues on a not-quite-full-time basis. Basically, IOP is a unique blend of inpatient and outpatient care. Unlike with inpatient programs, you don’t have to live in a rehab center while undergoing IOP. You are able to go into

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What Are Defusion Techniques?

How Distancing Yourself From Your Thoughts Can Improve Your Mental Health   Defusion Techniques: Definition Defusion techniques, which are often used in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), help us learn how to be “less fused” with our thoughts. They were designed to help individuals with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and uncontrollable thinking disconnect from their destructive thought patterns. ACT emphasizes that the best way to separate ourselves from our mind

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Why Don’t People Seek Therapy?

10 Reasons Why Individuals With Mental Health Issues May Resist Treatment   The Benefits of Therapy & Counseling Therapy provides a wide range of tools to help people live happy and healthy lives. Sessions can occur one-on-one with a therapist, with a couple or family, or in a group of people going through a similar situation. By attending therapy, you can: Talk to someone who you don’t have a relationship

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Is PTSD Curable?

Is there a proven way to cure individuals with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? Sometimes, living with PTSD can be an everyday struggle. Some people who are burdened with the disorder feel like they can’t get their life back because they’re being pulled down by the past. However, there are many ways to help relieve PTSD’s many symptoms and effects. The situation is different for every person facing this disorder, so treatment

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How Does ACT Therapy Work?

The ACT of Learning & Letting Life Happen   This type of therapy is becoming increasingly popular in doctor’s offices, counseling rooms, and homes around the globe. So why is it catching on so quickly, and how does it really work?   What Is Acceptance & Commitment Therapy? Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, better known as ACT, is a type of psychotherapy designed to help us accept life’s changes. More specifically,

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Can Holistic Therapy be used for Pain Management?

Pain is a part of our lives whether we want it to be or not. Whether it’s a paper cut, a pulled muscle, a fall you take, it’s part of our daily lives. Typical situations allow the pain to only last for a short period of time, once you are healed the pain typically stops. However there is a more intense pain that is known as chronic pain which is

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What Happens After Addiction Treatment?

If you’re planning for life after addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, there may be many questions going through your mind about what to expect or do.  While treatment is a structured, contained environment that provides safety and security, the thought of leaving can often be scary.  Since treatment doesn’t last forever, it’s ideal to make some plans ahead of time about what will be in place for

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