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a man holding an addictive substance thinking what causes addiction

What Causes Addiction

Many people wonder what causes addiction. Initially, people believed that addiction was simply a black and white choice. And that people that fell prey to

Gambling Addiction Group Therapy

Economic Effects of Alcohol and Drugs

Research reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that alcohol abuse costs the US around $223.5 billion annually, with close to 75%

Are Oreos Really as Addicting as Cocaine?

Are Oreos Really as Addicting as Cocaine?

A new study has found that Oreo cookies are addicting, possibly even as addicting as cocaine. Researchers from Connecticut College looked at rats’ behavior when

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Rehab: Is 30 Days Really the Magic Number?

It has become common knowledge that inpatient rehabilitation programs are typically 30 days. This amount of time is generally accepted as effective, but where did

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