woman needing a substance induced mood disorder treatment in PAIf you know you suffer a substance induced mood disorder (SIMD) or believe someone you love has a mood disorder caused by addiction, you do not stand alone. It is not uncommon to suffer mood disorders before, during and after drug or alcohol abuse. Many people find themselves on this same path today, needing help for their addiction and mental illness. To get the help you need, find a substance induced mood disorder treatment in PA.

Gaining a clear diagnosis of substance induced mood disorder often does not happen until you go into addiction treatment. Other people notice signs of their problem or that of a loved one during active drug or alcohol abuse. About a third of people with addiction also suffer mental illnesses, so do not fear your diagnosis. For a better life in sobriety, it does not matter which condition came first, only that both gain treatment.

About Substance Induced Mood Disorder in Addiction

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that more than one-third of the 20.2 million people addicted to drugs or alcohol also suffer a mental illness requiring treatment. Where substance induced mood disorders become clear is during detox or rehab, when the mood disorder symptoms go away. Other types of mood disorders or mental illnesses do not go away with sobriety.

For people with SIMD, drug or alcohol abuse come first. Their mood disorder appears as they abuse these substances. The mood disorder worsens as the addiction grows. Then, when they gain treatment for their substance use disorder, the mood problems disappear.

Studies prove trends of specific substances and disorders appear together. These include alcohol, inhalants, opioids, sedatives, hypnotic drugs, stimulants and cocaine appearing with depression, a common mood disorder. For help with these co-occurring disorders, you need a substance induced mood disorder treatment in PA.

Is a Substance Induced Mood Disorder Like Other Co-Occurring Conditions?

A substance induced mood disorder (SIMD) is like other co-occurring conditions of addiction, in that it is a mental illness occurring with substance abuse. But the difference from other co-occurring mental illnesses is that this mental illness is not a standalone condition. It only goes with substance abuse.

Other conditions with similar symptoms include major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and seasonal affective disorder. These often come before or accompany drug use. But they do not usually go away when the drug use stops.

For many people with mental illnesses, using drugs or alcohol temporarily gives them relief from their symptoms. This relief makes them use these substances to self-medicate. But then the addiction grows. As it grows, medicating effects go away, and the drug abuse makes the mental illness worse.

Substance Induced Mood Disorder Treatment in PA at Steps to Recovery

When anyone finds themselves addicted to drugs or alcohol, rehab treatment is the only path to a better life in sobriety. The same is true for people with a co-occurring mental illness. You need treatment for both of your conditions at the same time. Otherwise, the untreated condition sends the treated one into relapse, and you continue in the cycle of despair.

So where do you get substance induced mood disorder treatment in PA? Through treatment at Steps to Recovery, your mental illness gains treatment along with your drug and alcohol rehab treatment. Steps to Recovery’s Levittown, Pennsylvania addiction recovery services help people with many forms of mental illness. These services include help for substance induced mood disorder treatment in PA, bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, OCD and PTSD.

When you need substance induced mood disorder treatment in PA or anywhere in the Northeastern United States, Steps to Recovery provides that help in Levittown.

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Steps to Recovery helps you learn about your co-occurring mental illness for which you need treatment, such as in substance induced mood disorder treatment in PA. Call Steps to Recovery now at 866-488-8684 for the help you need. You can live a better, stable and happier life. You just need to take the right steps.