Do you or someone you love struggle with a paranoid personality disorder? Or do you wonder if the diagnosis waits for you as part of addiction treatment? Whatever your concern over PPD or other co-occurring conditions of addiction, you learn about your own mental illness through quality rehab treatment for addiction. In fact, co-occurring conditions like PPD commonly affect people abusing drugs and alcohol. Paranoid personality disorder treatment in PA can provide the help you or loved one needs.

What is Paranoid Personality Disorder?

man in need of a paranoid personality disorder treatment in PAA paranoid personality disorder is a group of mental illnesses affecting a personality, involving odd or unusual ways of thinking. People who suffer from PPD also deal with paranoia on a daily basis, making forming relationships or keeping them very difficult.

Paranoid personality disorder affects more men than women. This condition usually appears in late teens or early adulthood, for those who suffer PPD. One of the telltale signs of PPD is always being on guard against people you believe seek to harm you. Most of these beliefs prove unfounded but seem very real to you.

If you suffer paranoid personality disorder, you also blame others often and distrust them. This keeps you from enjoying relationships or keeping close bonds with others. You doubt others have good intent, rarely confide in anyone because you think your secrets will be used against you, and hold grudges for long periods of time. You do not forgive others or take criticism well, either.

If you gain a PPD diagnosis, you know what it feels like to read into everything people say or how they look at you. Others always seem to be attacking you, your character or your beliefs. Because of these feelings, you quickly fight back with anger and suspicion.

Because of all of your problems with socializing, you keep a distance from others. When you do form relationships, controlling and jealous behaviors often take over. Hostility, stubbornness and frequent arguing also occur in your life or the person you love with this mental illness.

Causes and More Effects of Paranoid Personality Disorder

No one knows the exact cause PPD. But researchers believe it involves combined mental and physical factors. People with this diagnosis often have close family members with schizophrenia. This points to a genetic tie between the two conditions.

Early childhood emotional or physical trauma likely cause or activate PPD. These traumatic events play a role in making the symptoms of this mental illness appear.

Many people with undiagnosed PPD struggle for years before getting the help they need. A significant portion of these individuals will use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate their symptoms. This works for a concise period, during which they feel some relief. But that is the trick of addiction pulling them into a new, more significant problem with both addiction and co-occurring PPD.

Help with Paranoid Personality Disorder Treatment in PA

Help for addiction and PPD comes from a dual diagnosis rehab center in Levittown, PA. Steps to Recovery in Levittown provides this paranoid personality disorder treatment in PA, as part of rehab for drug or alcohol addiction. Whether you need co-occurring paranoid personality disorder treatment in PA, drug, and personality disorder treatment, or just help through Pennsylvania addiction recovery services, you find that help in Levittown.

Accredited programs of Steps to Recovery include:

  • PHP, IOP and OP options
  • Co-occurring disorders treatment
  • Three-to-one staff-client ratio
  • LGBTQ+ friendly rehab
  • Individual, group and family therapies
  • Life skills and coping skills education

Whether you need paranoid personality disorder treatment in PA with your addiction treatment or suffer other conditions with substance abuse for which you need help, you find that help in Levittown. Steps to Recovery provides co-occurring addiction treatment for people with mental illness. Call Steps to Recovery now at 866-488-8684.