In broadest terms, ADHD is a mental illness. In a narrower sense, therapists refer to it as a behavioral disorder. No matter what definition you prefer, receiving ADHD treatment can help. Besides that, it can protect you from developing specific addictions.

Overcome Stigma and Misconceptions to Receive the ADHD Treatment PA Provides

young woman in need of the adhd treatment PA provides The ADHD treatment PA locals receive typically focuses on medication. Children may also undergo behavioral therapies. However, therapists at Steps to Recovery realize that some people don’t receive any type of help. In many cases, that’s due to stigmas and misconceptions surrounding ADHD treatment.

Parents may believe that because there wasn’t an emphasis on care when they grew up, their kids don’t need it. Besides that, they might try to discipline children rather than treat them. As a result, these youngsters grow up without the help they need to deal with the condition. It may leave them more susceptible to some forms of addiction.

It’s a common misconception that the use of medications results in addiction. Some parents withhold ADHD treatment PA clinics offer for this reason. Patients, too, might hesitate to continue therapy as they grow up. In contrast, there’s no proof that people using prescriptions the right way will need Adderall addiction treatment.

The Connection between Untreated ADHD and Addiction

Fear of a label might keep you from receiving ADHD treatment as a child. You grow up. You’re now an adult with ADHD. Due to the chronic nature of the condition, it doesn’t go away.

Maybe you did receive ADHD treatment PA healthcare providers offer. However, you’ve decided that you don’t need it any longer. You now put yourself at risk for developing a substance abuse problem. The symptoms of ADHD make you more susceptible to self-medicating behaviors.

Your mind goes a mile a minute. Shutting off your thoughts is difficult. Feelings can become overwhelming and intrusive. You don’t sleep the way that you should.

You want to shut off the thoughts, slow down, and just feel better. It’s a small step to using a drug. Steps to Recovery therapists notice that alcohol is a common drug of choice. It numbs you.

Besides that, it might help you sleep. You can sit through a TV movie without feeling the need to do something. Opioids keep you from experiencing the boredom that’s so common for people who don’t get the ADHD treatment they need. Add to this the impulse control problems that the condition brings, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Dealing with Addiction? Take a Two-Pronged Approach to Recovery!

If you try to deal with the addiction alone, you’ll probably not succeed. It’s difficult to focus on behavioral therapy when your mind’s busy with other things. Therefore, Steps to Recovery provides the addiction and ADHD treatment PA talks about. Our addiction recovery services include:

  • Partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient treatment that meets your needs
  • Multi-phase therapeutic approaches that take you from where you’re at to where you want to be
  • Individual, group, and family counseling for behavioral care and psychotherapy needs
  • Addiction education that helps you understand how drugs or alcohol affect you
  • Life skills training and coping skills development, which assist you to reintegrate into society

When you want to explore ADHD treatment in addition to dependency counseling, Steps to Recovery can help. Alcohol drug education, goal-setting, and dual diagnosis assessment and treatment are part of the experience. Moreover, the ADHD treatment PA locals trust can be the differentiating factor for attaining lifelong sobriety. Call 866-488-8684 to connect with an intake counselor right away.