When you feel ready to embrace a sober lifestyle and end your dependence on marijuana, you need the help of a quality marijuana detox program, followed by rehab treatment. In detox, you start the journey into sobriety. Then in rehab, you learn how to stay sober for healthy, lasting recovery.

Preparing for Rehab Treatment after Your Marijuana Detox Program

an example of the need for a marijuana detox programIf you need a marijuana detox program as many people do, this early treatment clears your drugs and other toxins from your body. Being newly clean and drug-free helps you feel strong, clear-headed and ready to tackle the real problems in your life, the ones that took you into drug use and addiction.

But detox does not prevent relapse on your drugs after you leave the facility. While a marijuana detox program helps you stop your physical need for marijuana each day, it does little to prepare you for lasting sobriety. So think of your marijuana detox program as your first step into wellness. Your second, bigger step is through rehab treatment.

In rehab after your marijuana detox program, you gain coping skills needed to get through cravings, triggers, and temptations. At the same time, you learn about why you started using drugs and alcohol in the first place. Through therapies and other services, this learning takes you beyond sobriety into long-lasting recovery. Knowing what made you turn to drugs helps you prepare for life ahead without them.

Your Rehab Treatment Experience

So what should you expect from your rehab treatment experience after marijuana detox? In rehab, you learn the actual steps to your recovery, the ones you must take to set yourself up for success. These steps include a mix of therapies, education, and support for yourself and your family. You attend individual, group and family therapy for a clear understanding of how you got “here,” and how to leave addiction behind you.

If this is not your first journey through a rehab program, being in the right program makes all of the difference you need. People with a dual diagnosis also receive help for their co-occurring mental health condition, at the same time. So in rehab, you start working on the problems you experience in everyday life, so they do not creep up on you again. In this regard, you start preventing relapse from your first day of treatment.

Steps to Recovery for your Marijuana Detox Program

Regardless of whether you went to rehab before or this is your first time, you need certain therapies and programs in order to stand strong in sobriety. This strength starts with healing yourself, past trauma and co-occurring conditions. Much of this takes place in individual and group therapy.

Your family also needs healing and support. Steps to Recovery provides this family-oriented treatment, through family programs and family therapy. Together you forge a new path for the future by healing the past. You also all learn about addiction, signs of relapse and how to ensure the family communicates well and works well together toward common goals.

Programs and services of Steps to Recovery include:

You know it’s time to put your marijuana weed addiction behind you, for yourself and the people you love. You start in a marijuana detox program, but the real recovery starts at Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA. Reach out to Steps to Recovery now at 866-488-8684.