Detox is a critical first step on the road to recovery. If you want to overcome an addiction, then detox programs have to be a priority. Finding the right drug and alcohol detox center can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. At Steps to Recovery, patients receive optimal care and impressive results on their quest to sobriety.

Good Staff to Client Ratio

A drug and alcohol detox center can help this guy start recovery

One of the most important numbers to look at when deciding on a drug and alcohol detox center is the staff to client ratio. What you want to avoid is a facility where there are too many patients and not enough staff. In these environments, it is easier for small details to go unnoticed. With a poor staff to client ratio, patients won’t get the attention they deserve.

At Steps to Recovery, the staff to client ratio is impressive. There are three staff members available for every single client in the program. This allows for focused attention on each and every client. During rehab, this personalized approach is hugely beneficial.

Clinical and Medication Attention Around the Clock

Detox programs are the beginning of the addiction recovery process. During drug detox, most patients will enter into a phase known as withdrawal. During withdrawal, unpleasant symptoms are likely. It is important that clients receive medical supervision at all times.

Constant monitoring means that no unusual symptoms can go by unnoticed. Through monitoring, medical professionals can note any changes and act quickly.

Often, detox withdrawal symptoms are minor. During drug or alcohol detox programs, it is normal to experience nausea, abdominal cramping or anxiety. Nonetheless, these uncomfortable symptoms deserve treatment. Medical professionals can quickly prescribe remedies to ease any discomfort and help clients feel better.

Flexible, Customized Treatment at a Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

A quality drug and alcohol detox center may follow a protocol, but they also understand the need for flexibility. Every patient that enters a detox program will have unique needs. The type and length of the addiction, the health of the patient and any co-occurring disorders will all play a role in the detox process. The best programs allow for a customized plan whenever it is needed.

Sometimes, that individualized approach just means more attention. In other cases, it means more frequent vital checks and a more extensive medical history. Sometimes, it just means that detox will naturally take longer, and patients should receive a slightly longer detox period. Flexibility means accommodating all patients as they begin recovery.

Psychiatric Evaluation to Determine the Need for Dual Diagnosis

As many as half of all individuals who struggle with addiction also have some form of mental health condition. In order to treat an addiction, you also need to treat mental health. While this is a widely understood concept, dual diagnosis care shouldn’t be postponed until rehab.

The very best detox centers include a psychiatric evaluation at the start of detox. This can help determine whether a patient will require counseling or therapy. Patients will have a better detox experience if all their mental health concerns are on the table from day one.

Planning for Ongoing Recovery

Even the top detox programs in the world can’t resolve addiction on their own. For example, most patients will need to transition to ongoing addiction treatment after completing a detox program.

A great detox program will prepare clients for rehab at Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA. Steps to Recovery will help patients recover with any or all of the following:

The best detox programs lay the groundwork for complete addiction recovery. At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania, you can continue your journey to sobriety after detox. Contact Steps to Recovery at 866.488.8684 to take the first steps to planning your detox, rehab and lifelong freedom from addiction.