A man considers methadone addiction treatmentDoctors usually prescribe the synthetic narcotic drug, methadone, to ease heroin withdrawal. Additionally, it’s also widely for opiate addiction treatment. While the drug sometimes has positive benefits, it’s highly addictive. Many people attempting to break free from addiction end up dependent on methadone. Fortunately, methadone addiction treatment is available at Steps to Recovery.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

To begin the first stage of methadone addiction treatment, our partial hospitalization program is successful for many. This is a step down from 24/7 care, making it very popular for patients with family obligations. PHP offers daytime support most days of the week, and you’ll have the opportunity to head home each night and return the next day.

Additionally, partial hospitalization programs offer structure for those in recovery. Each day there are several hours of treatment, therapies, and activities scheduled during rehab. Above all, this ensures every patient has the proper resources for recovery while preventing boredom.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

After PHP, many patients transition to intensive outpatient programs. These are very similar to PHP, however, they’re available six days a week. Many patients spend about two weeks in an intensive outpatient program while recovering from methadone addiction.

During this rehab stage, patients focus on the 12-step program. Fortunately, this philosophy is extremely beneficial, and local meetings continue for years of additional support.

IOP includes collaborative family counseling as well. Family members are a huge part of an individual’s support system. Therefore, it’s best to include them in training and ongoing relapse awareness education.

Furthermore, IOP also involves group counseling and individual therapy. Because patients are relatively stable at this point, they start digging deeper and exploring the causes of their addiction. Dual diagnosis care and trauma therapy provide further aid during this stage of recovery.

Outpatient Care

Methadone addiction treatment also includes outpatient care. This less intensive form of treatment only takes a few hours each week. Unlike residential drug treatment, outpatient programs fit easily around jobs, family life, and other obligations.

During outpatient care, developing life skills is a priority. These help many former substance abusers integrate back into society as a functioning, sober individual.

Methadone Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction treatment doesn’t end abruptly. There must always be a plan for continuing care. Otherwise, patients are at risk for relapse. In rehab, patients have the opportunity to create their own support system. For example, this could include local 12-step meetings, family members, friends, peers, and private therapists.

Choosing Methadone Addiction Treatment at Steps to Recovery

Being addicted to methadone is a devastating way to live your life. You deserve freedom from all addictive substances, and Steps to Recovery can help. An individualized treatment plan includes the necessary programs and treatment methods you’ll benefit most from. Our addiction treatment facility provides:

Partial hospitalization program 
• Life skills training
• Mental health support

If you’re ready to permanently break free from your addiction, methadone addiction treatment is always a necessity. At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania, you’ll find the right program for your continued recovery. Start planning your journey to sobriety by calling 866-488-8684 today.