A man considers seeking adderall addiction treatmentAdderall is a prescription drug that’s also a stimulant. While doctors prescribe it to treat conditions like hyperactivity, people also abuse it. Adderall can be addictive, especially if you use it inappropriately. Take the time to understand what Adderall addiction treatment looks like and how to get the necessary help for lasting recovery.

Recognizing an Adderall Addiction

The first step on the road to recovery is recognizing and acknowledging you or a loved one has an addiction. More often than not, people who abuse Adderall assume they have control over their use. They might rely on it for energy or motivation. However, realizing you have an addiction is confusing.

If you regularly consume Adderall without a prescription, you most likely have an addiction. You can also identify this by looking for withdrawal symptoms. With any Adderall addiction, cutting back or quitting for a day or two causes unpleasant side effects. These uncomfortable symptoms are a sign you depend on the drug to feel normal.

Committing to Addiction Treatment

The next step is deciding to seek professional treatment. While it’s possible to overcome prescription drug addiction alone, it’s much harder. Rather than risking your health and your future, commit to an evidence-based treatment program.

Typically, patients begin treatment with the detoxification process. This includes a period of withdrawal, meaning medical attention is a necessity. Then, patients transfer to a rehab program. Here, individuals learn to maintain their newfound sobriety and lead deserving lives.

Creating Coping Mechanisms for the Future

During addiction treatment at Steps to Recovery, patients learn to prepare for future challenges. For example, as you recover, there will be cravings and temptations that constantly follow you. However, by learning personal, effective coping mechanisms, you can successfully avoid Adderall.

These coping mechanisms are unique to everyone. Some patients gain support from local groups. Others find healthy ways to manage stress, such as cooking, baking, or exercising. Experimenting during Adderall addiction treatments means every patient develops their own unique set of coping skills for the future.

Identifying the Root of Addiction

During Adderall addiction treatment, patients explore the root causes of their addiction. There are countless factors that can contribute to Adderall addiction. Therefore, with therapy, you can identify and resolve these concerns.

Sometimes, Adderall abuse develops thanks to mental health or genetic factors. Athletic performance pressure or academic stress could lead to abusing the substance as well. In treatment, if you can pinpoint these motivators you can also start resolving them. This helps prevent relapse and further addiction severity.

Adderall Addiction Treatment at Steps to Recovery

If you or a loved one struggles with Adderall addiction, get help at Steps to Recovery. You can complete a treatment plan that helps you understand your addiction, resolves any lingering issues, and prevents relapse. The many potential treatment methods you can explore include:

Partial hospitalization program
Family counseling
Dual diagnosis treatment
Individual psychotherapy
• Life skills training

The right addiction treatment helps you permanently overcome drug addiction. At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania, you can conquer prescription drug abuse. Call 866-488-8684 for more information about an addiction recovery program that’s right for you.