He may do better in Levittown PA than a PHP in Potsdam NYFor those that live in upstate New York and are in need of lasting addiction treatment, options for a partial hospitalization program (PHP) in Potsdam NY can seem like the answer. When loved ones, family and friends want to help, the nearest PHP in Potsdam NY may become the first choice for recovery. In reality, patients can benefit significantly from leaving home and seeking treatment elsewhere. Discover the advantages of seeking a PHP slightly further afield from Potsdam.

Eliminate Enabling

Family and friends can be an incredible support system for patients dealing with an addiction to drugs. Unfortunately, this can also become enabling. Loved ones may mean well, but their attempts to help can often push patients further into self-destructive patterns. One of the biggest issues is when patients want to leave addiction treatment and rely on friends and family to give them a place to stay and a way out.

Except in some extreme cases, helping patients leave treatment before the course is complete is unhelpful. By having patients attend addiction treatment away from home, there will be fewer opportunities for enabling and a greater chance of success.

Cut Off Access to Familiar Temptation

Choosing a local option, such as a PHP in Potsdam NY, might be the closest option for some prospective patients or their loved ones. One of the biggest reasons not to settle for the closest choice, however, is because attending treatment away from home can be a physical barrier between patients and their familiar habits.

As patients break free from their drug addictions, cravings are a very real symptom. Abstaining in general might be an easy choice for sobriety, but being just a few minutes away from a dealer, user or supplier can be challenging. Putting space between a user and their routine can pave the way for new routines and make it slightly easier to abstain from drug use.

Wipe the Metaphorical Slate Clean

There is also a psychological advantage to leaving a hometown and starting recovery in a new place. For local residents, a PHP in Potsdam NY can pose some uncomfortable risks. What if patients are familiar with the staff from social or workplace events? What if they run into a neighbor while in treatment?

A new location away from home means fewer worries about these issues and an opportunity to focus on what really matters – recovery. It also offers a mental fresh start and the chance to pursue new goals and lifestyles without worry about judgment from friends and family in the area.

Find a PHP With Multiple Phases of Treatment

When selecting a PHP in Potsdam NY or anywhere else, it is important to look specifically for programs that operate according to more than just one level of treatment. Two phases of treatment allows for comprehensive recovery that treats patients as the unique individuals they are.

A first phase can work on individual goals, dual diagnosis treatment and basic life skills for healthy futures. The second phase continues those objectives and adds in long term sobriety goals, lifelong relapse prevention and effective integration into society.

If Not a PHP in Potsdam NY, Then Where?

Clearly, leaving home for recovery is an ideal choice for patients in search of an effective PHP. Levittown PA is a choice that is just six hours by car away from Potsdam. This makes family visits possible, and the logistics of travel straightforward, but it still gives clear separation between family life and treatment.

Steps to Recovery in Levittown PA, ticks many of the boxes that prospective patients and their loved ones look for, including:

  • Effective dual diagnosis treatment
  • Multiple levels of care
  • Compassionate staff
  • Pre-admission evaluation for targeted care

Getting sober with a PHP is a fantastic choice for long-term health. Call267.719.8528 to learn more about Steps to Recovery in Levittown PA, and the available programs to help combat addiction and restore a meaningful life. We want to help!

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