Heroin Addiction Recovery Center in Rumson, NJ Your Best Bet?

If you’re struggling with a heroin addiction in Rumson, New Jersey, or you know someone who needs treatment in the area, your first thought might be to enlist the help of the nearest heroin recovery center. However, it’s vital that all prospective patients take the time and effort needed to locate the perfect recovery center. It’s not enough just to have a facility and beds available. Learn more about whether it makes sense to attend a local heroin addiction recovery center in Rumson, NJ or whether heading away from home could be more beneficial.

Pros and Cons of Attending a Heroin Addiction Recovery Center in Rumson NJ

Rumson may be a relatively small city on the New Jersey coast, but the destination is still an area with a serious heroin problem. Since 2004, New Jersey has seen more than 5,000 deaths due to heroin overdoses. While many people believe that these are concentrated in major cities, small towns like Rumson are also dealing with a serious drug problem.

Since the area clearly has a need for treatment centers, it makes sense that residents might consider a heroin addiction recovery center in Rumson, NJ. Take a closer look at the pros and cons of attending a Rumson heroin addiction recovery center to make up your own mind.


  • Convenient location close to home
  • Patients can still attend work or school
  • No need to uproot for help
  • Can still rely on a local support system of friends and family


  • Patients in the heart of their local temptations
  • Local doesn’t necessarily mean best
  • May not be enough of a difference to make real change

Finding the Right Location for Treatment

For residents of Rumson, it may seem logical to pick a heroin addiction recovery center that’s as close as possible to home. However, staying close to the environment where heroin users access their drug supply is far from a smart choice. In many instances, it can be beneficial to escape the normal atmosphere and begin a fresh, sober start in a new location.

Perhaps the most intelligent choice for lasting recovery is to pick a recovery center that’s just outside of your comfort zone. Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania, is less than a 90-minute drive from Rumson, New Jersey. This distance might be the perfect way to escape the environment where patients used drugs without having to uproot themselves completely. Whether patients opt for partial hospitalization, residential programs, outpatient programs or intensive outpatient programs, they can get the treatment required in the right location.

Is a Heroin Addiction Recovery Center in Rumson, NJ the Right Choice For Me?

Whether you decide to ultimately attend a heroin addiction recovery center in Rumson, NJ, or you look further away for treatment, there are a number specific things to look for when making your choice. Take a look at staff-to-patient ratio, since a smaller, more intimate environment often means better results.

It’s also important to look for a rehab facility that offers an extensive pre-admission screening process, since this is what can determine what type of treatment is right for each patient. Treatment types might include partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs or full residential programs. Finally, give thought to cost and insurance acceptance as well as accreditation.

For New Jersey residents, a heroin addiction recovery center in Rumson, NJ might seem like a natural choice for rehab. However, venturing just outside of your comfort zone to Steps of Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania, can offer lasting results and a smaller, more personalized environment. Call267.719.8528 to learn more and to take control over your future.

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