If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, you’re most likely researching drug rehab. Unfortunately, sometimes the vocabulary can be confusing. However, understanding the difference between drug detox and drug addiction rehab helps you on your search.

The Difference Between Drug Detox and Drug Addiction Rehab

A woman understands the difference between drug detox and drug addiction rehabUnfortunately, a lack of understanding about drug treatment programs prevents people from getting the necessary help. If they’re not sure where to begin, individuals struggling with addiction have trouble taking the first step. Therefore, it’s important to understand the necessary addiction treatment terms.

For example, drug detox involves using appropriate medical and psychological treatment to help individuals eliminate illicit substances from the body. Whereas, drug addiction rehab involves the necessary support and therapy for overcoming the addiction itself once you’re clean.

Dependence vs. Addiction

When you’re dependent on a substance, your body adapts to its constant presence. Therefore, in order to feel the same effects, a larger dose is necessary. In the throes of addiction, you may also lose your body’s natural chemical balance. This balance keeps you healthy. Thus, you’ll begin depending on the drugs or alcohol to feel good.

Quitting when you’re chemically dependent produces painful side effects. Although you desperately want to stop using, you may avoid quitting to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Above all, your emotional response to a substance controls your addiction. If you feel you need a drug to feel happy, you could have an addiction.

The physical and emotional desire to use a drug intertwine. Therefore, a comprehensive rehabilitation program must take both into account during treatment.

Detox and Withdrawal

Detoxification occurs when the body rids itself of toxins. This ongoing process occurs with the help of the liver and the kidneys. Whether you abuse substances or not, your body is always detoxifying itself.

The term that describes medically managing withdrawal symptoms is detox. Often, medical detox is the first step toward recovery. Managing withdrawal alone increases the likelihood of relapse. This is because quickly taking the drug again is a quick solution to ending sickness. Above all, if you’re suffering from a dual diagnosis, professional support eases this harrowing process.

The Right Drug Rehab Continues The Process

After detoxing, most people need to adjust. Life without drug use may feel foreign. Fortunately, you can enroll in a rehab program with the necessary treatment and support for your individual needs.

At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA, we offer diverse rehab programs providing personal care for an addiction disorder. Our rehab services include:

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