Woman concentrating on her drink knows she has some symptoms of alcoholism.Knowing the symptoms of alcoholism can be the difference between life and death for some people who struggle with it. The problem with alcoholism is that it’s extremely cunning, baffling and powerful, and many don’t understand it. One of the issues with alcoholism is that it affects a person’s ability to be self-aware. A person can have a severe form of alcoholism for years and not realize it, and sometimes he or she has enablers.

The Importance of Knowing the Symptoms of Alcoholism

Alcohol is legal and available everywhere in the United States. If you’re of legal age in the United States you can be served alcohol, whether you have a problem with alcohol or not. There was a brief time in history where there was prohibition of liquor, but people can always find the drug they are addicted to and alcohol was no exception. The issue with liquor being such a prevalent mind-altering substance is that people can’t spot a problem. It’s much easier to identify someone who has a drug addiction, but the symptoms of alcoholism are more subtle.

Addiction is a mental illness that affects a crucial part of the brain, and it doesn’t matter what the person’s addiction is. Studies show that someone with an addiction to gambling, food or drugs has the same cognitive problem as someone with alcoholism. Many people can maintain a job or keep their family, so they don’t see alcoholism as the problem. More and more people each year are dying from alcoholism, though, so it’s important to know the symptoms.

Do You Have the Symptoms of Alcoholism?

For most people with alcoholism, drinking started moderately at parties or bars. The person may like to have some drinks with friends, and they don’t see any negatives connected with this behavior. Young people have an even bigger problem because it’s expected for people like college students to drink heavily. There comes a point where a person crosses a line and he or she no longer has control of their drinking.

The first thing alcoholism affects is the part of the brain responsible for self-awareness which leads makes denial easy. It’s important to take an honest look at the situations happen in your life to see if you have a problem. Alcoholism also affects the person’s survival instincts, so he or she will protect their drinking.

There are some common signs and symptoms of alcoholism that you can look out for:

  1. When you start drinking, is it difficult to stop?
  2. Have friends or family members made comments about your drinking?
  3. Do you ever feel guilty for drinking?
  4. Have you had any problems at work as a result of drinking?
  5. Have you ever started drinking when you said you wouldn’t drink that day?

Finding Help for Alcoholism

If you believe you or your loved one is showing the signs of alcoholism, allow Steps to Recovery to assist you. We specialize in treating people with alcoholism, and we have a convenient location in Levittown, PA. Our goal is to help people discover the source of their drinking so they can overcome it. Don’t wait another day, and call us now at 267.719.8528 for addiction treatment.