The Pennsylvania legislature is getting ready to vote on a bill that could potentially save the lives of thousands of opiate addicts statewide.

This life saving legislation (House Bill 2090) is to combat the alarming increase in heroin and opioid overdoses in the Commonwealth. We hope you will join us in this critically important endeavor and support House Bill 2090.

The intent of the legislation is two-fold:

  • To establish a drug overdose Good Samaritan law in Pennsylvania to protect those who summon medical assistance for an overdose.

    Calling 9-1-1 should not be a crime when someone is seeking help for a drug overdose.

  • To increase the availability of Naloxone, a prescription drug that has been proven to help prevent heroin and opioid overdose deaths.

    Increasing the availability of the safe, non-controlled substance Naloxone (commonly known as narcan) to first responders and families and friends of opioid users can stop an overdose that is in progress. 

Public health experts across the country are in agreement that these two provisions can save lives by preventing overdose deaths.

We need to obtain as many letters as possible, letters which state that you support House Bill 2090 and why you feel Pennsylvania should join the 17 other states which already have a Good Samaritan law in place.

Please send your letter directly to:

Steps to Recovery
Attn: Sue Shoemaker
1400 Veterans Hwy
Levittown, PA 19056

Or email to:

Read the bill here: House Bill 2090