evidence of opiate abuse side effectsSince prescription opiates play a useful role in the management of some potentially dangerous health issues, their use is prevalent. However, opiates also carry a high risk of addiction. It’s vital that people like you remain aware of common opiate abuse side effects.

What are Opiates?

Opiates are a class of drugs that respond to and interact with the opioid receptors in the brain. Some opiates are illegal substances used recreationally. Other types of opiates are prescription medications that are helpful for reducing the chronic pain associated with some health problems. In both cases, opiates produce feelings of euphoria, restfulness, and pain relief.

Understanding Common Opiate Abuse Side Effects

Understanding the side effects that can accompany opiate abuse is an essential part of addressing addiction to this class of drugs. Keep in mind the potential side effects of opioid abuse listed below:

Dependence and Addiction

A person who uses opiates for an extended period can develop a dependence on the drugs. In this case, they will need to consume more copious amounts of them on a more frequent basis to continue feeling the effects of the medication. An addiction results in the development of withdrawal symptoms if the person tries to stop using the drug.

Mood and Personality Changes

Those abusing opiate medications can also experience severe mood changes or shifts in their personality. A person who was mild-mannered may become angry or hostile. Alternatively, people can also display depression or anxiety.

Physical Changes

Physical changes are also common with the abuse of opiate medications. For example, digestive issues can result in a decreased appetite and weight loss. A person may also stop taking care of their necessary hygiene requirements.

Strategies for the Treatment of Opiate Abuse

Professional treatment centers use a variety of tools to address these opiate abuse side effects. A thorough drug and alcohol detox is often followed by techniques to modify problematic thoughts and actions. Personal and group counseling, coupled with behavioral therapies, may be useful in managing the complications associated with addiction.

Help Your Loved One Experience Healing

If you have a loved one currently going through the difficulties of opiate addiction, you may be very concerned about his health and happiness in the future. As you continue to show your love and concern, you can help your relative locate appropriate services such as an opiate detox, counseling, and relapse prevention plan. By seeking complete treatment from a well-respected facility, you can have a peaceful family life once again.

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