Woman near window wondering is addiction a diseaseAddiction is a disease. But unfortunately, many people are under the misinformation that it is a moral failing—a choice that could have been prevented if only the individual had exercised their willpower more often and made better choices. This is not the case at all. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “Is addiction a disease?” it is one, and you’re not alone in your confusion.

Why Is Addiction a Disease

Most full-blown diseases like diabetes and heart disease do not continually need to be defined as diseases. After all, it is widely accepted that these illnesses are legitimate diseases that shouldn’t be blamed on the individual.

Addiction, however, is different. Time and again, those who treat addiction and addicted individuals and their family members themselves are forced to reiterate that addiction is indeed a disease. It’s like an uphill battle with these people, who would rather assume the worst in others.

And to be sure if you’ve never struggled with addictive cravings yourself, you likely can’t see why someone could have a hard time with this. But the fact is that despite the serious social and health consequences, those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol continue to compulsively take these illicit substances.

They are fully aware that they are doing something that is directly detrimental to their well-being, but they continue. This is uncontrollable behavior at its worst.

Recovering From Addiction With Steps to Recovery

Steps to Recovery treats addiction as a disease. If you’ve ever wondered, “Is addiction a disease?” We can help. Our facilities can accommodate any type of addiction. We help those addicted to alcohol, cocaine, heroin, prescription painkillers, meth and other damaging substances.

At Steps to Recovery, we use a unique two-phase program to treat our clients. These phases include services, such as:

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If you are ready to admit that you may be struggling with the disease of addiction, you absolutely must seek professional help at an addiction treatment center. Steps to Recovery has already helped hundreds of individuals stop using drugs like cocaine, meth, and alcohol.

To begin your own path toward recovery, call Steps to Recovery at 267.719.8528. We welcome phone calls from individuals directly struggling with an addiction problem We also take calls from family members concerned about their loved ones. No one needs to continue struggling with addiction and spiraling out of control with drugs or alcohol.

Never wonder, “Is addiction a disease?” again. It is a serious disease, but you can stop it in its tracks. It’s never too late to seek treatment for addiction. Call Steps to Recovery today to learn about your options at recovery and life.