how to stop drinkingIt isn’t easy to stop drinking. However, seeking professional help makes it much easier. You don’t have to go through addiction treatment alone, and support makes sobriety simpler. If your substance abuse is controlling your life, following these steps for how to stop drinking.

Name Your Addiction

Often, the hardest part of alcohol addiction recovery is beginning the journey. To start working toward sobriety, you need to admit that you have an alcohol problem.

Over 80% of American adults drink alcohol, so it is easy to justify alcohol addiction as normal. However, it’s not normal to suffer health problems because of uncontrollable alcohol consumption. It’s not normal to see your alcohol tolerance rise, as you find yourself unable to cut back. Once you can admit you have an alcohol addiction, you can begin making positive strides.

Acknowledge the Need for Additional Support

There is no question that ending an addiction is tough. Choosing to take control of your life is courageous. Keep in mind that you don’t have to recover on your own. Enlisting guided professional support helps tremendously.

In a professional addiction recovery program, you’ll have access to 24/7 medical care. This is critical in detox, but it’s also helpful throughout the entire recovery process. You’ll also be able to depend on accountability, and you’ll have all the resources you need for lifelong sobriety.

Complete an Alcohol Detox

If you want to stop drinking, the journey begins with alcohol detox. This is when you quit drinking completely. Ideally, you’ll take this step in a medically supervised detox facility. Supervised detox is safer, more comfortable, less stressful, and offers a higher chance of lasting sobriety, but don’t forget there is also alcohol addiction rehab programs available as well.

A typical alcohol detox lasts from five to eight days. Most people will experience withdrawal symptoms within eight hours. These symptoms peak 72 hours into detox and then begin to taper off.

If you’re detoxing with medical professionals, you’ll have access to resources that mitigate withdrawal symptoms. Medication, IVs, and proper counseling encourage your success and ease discomfort.

How to Stop Drinking

While detox leads to sobriety, rehab teaches patients how to maintain it. At Steps to Recovery, patients participate in diverse therapy and treatment methods. These include:

Learn how to stop drinking with a combination of detox and rehab. At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania, you can begin your path to better health and freedom from addiction. Call 267.719.8528 to take the first step to lifelong sobriety.