This tired young woman looking for drug treatment centers to help her.There are many ways that top alcohol and drug treatment centers can make a difference in your life. If you are able to admit you have an illness and want help, you can rest assured that most treatment facilities are ready and able to help. It’s a “can do” attitude that drives a top rehab facility like Steps To Recovery to provide a high level of treatment and care.

What Services Can You Expect From Drug Treatment Centers

Prior to getting help from any of the available drug treatment centers, it makes sense that you want to know what to expect. In some cases, the treatment process needs to be preceded by a detox program. If a particular addiction treatment center doesn’t have in-house detox programs, they can usually refer you to one.

After detox, treatment falls into the hands of professional counselors and clinicians. The best drug treatment centers put a lot of emphasis on counseling. The counseling process helps educate patients about the causes of their addictive behavior. Intensive counseling is an important part of developing a viable treatment program.

The Importance of Counseling at Steps To Recovery

Steps To Recovery is a premier addiction treatment center located in Levittown, Pennsylvania. Most of our intensive outpatient programs put a lot of emphasis on counseling. Individual counseling allows for an intimate interaction between the patient and their counselors. In this kind of restrictive environment, the patient will hopefully feel compelled to share information about reasons for their addiction.

In a family or group therapy setting, patients are given counsel about the importance of relationships and support groups. All of these counseling programs are a big part of developing the life skills and tools necessary for a lifetime of abstinence.

Details About Steps To Recovery

While we offer services to anyone who is ready to fight their addiction, our programs focus heavily on providing services for the LBGTQ community. We have an 18-bed facility, divided equally between men and women. Even though our programs are designed around a Florida-based outpatient modality, we can also outsource for a PHP or inpatient program.

Goal setting sits at the core of our treatment approach. In Phase I of treatment, the focus is counseling and therapy. Phase II involves the development of the aforementioned life skills that will become the key to an extended recovery.

At Steps To Recovery, we understand the courage you will need to ask for help. We are happy to work closely with you to do what’s necessary in order to get you past your addiction. If you are ready to take the first step, we encourage you to contact us at 267.719.8528 as soon as possible. Today is a great day to start your journey.