A drug therapy sessionWhen treating addiction, medical professionals use various methods and approaches. An example is pharmacotherapy, which is also drug therapy. Explore how pharmacotherapy plays a role in addiction treatment, what it consists of, and why it can supplement diverse treatment strategies.

What is Pharmacotherapy?

Pharmacotherapy is using medication as a form of therapy. Therefore, if you struggle with any illness, pharmacotherapy can help you resolve it. There are many causes of addiction, and medications won’t necessarily help. However, they can resolve the underlying issues that initially led to addiction.

Above all, never attempt self medication. Pharmacotherapy is only a valid means of treatment when physicians prescribe medications to patients whose health history they know and understand. No one should use prescription medications without first discussing their addiction history.

However, in the right circumstances pharmacotherapy goes a long way in addiction treatment. For example, during withdrawal, many patients benefit from medications. Everything from pain medication to sleeping pills is helpful for certain individuals. Once withdrawal is complete, the body’s need for drugs disappears.

When is Pharmacotherapy Necessary?

Overall, there are three major situations when pharmacotherapy is appropriate for addiction recovery. These examples are to lessen severe withdrawal symptoms, treat mental health concerns, and address chronic pain conditions.

There is a strong link between mental health and addiction. Many people who suffer from mental illness turn to drugs or alcohol as a form of self medicating. Unfortunately, this is never a good idea.

However, pharmacotherapy addresses mental health as well. For example, some patients need medication to stabilize their emotional health. Therefore, long-term pharmacotherapy could prevent future relapse.

Additionally, those suffering from chronic pain also abuse drugs for relief. While drug abuse is never the answer, using specific medications can be helpful. In certain situations, patients require prescription drugs to address physical health concerns. With the right medical support, they’ll gain emotional strength, and thus become sober more easily.

Completing Drug Therapy at Steps to Recovery

If you’re ready to end drug or alcohol reliance, pharmacotherapy may be your answer. However, this isn’t the only effective addiction treatment strategy. At Steps to Recovery, patients have access to a comprehensive approach including many different treatment methods. Some our most effective therapies and treatments include:

Group therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy
Family counseling
• Addiction education training

If you need addiction help, your search ends here. At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania, you can begin your journey to a lifetime of fulfillment, health, and sobriety. Embrace the recovery you deserve by calling 267.719.8528 today.