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What Causes Addiction

Many people wonder what causes addiction. Initially, people believed that addiction was simply a black and white choice. And that people that fell prey to it did so because of moral shortcomings. This is no longer the case. As science has progressed, we have learned that addiction can stem from many things. Currently, people see addiction as a disease. This point of view is controversial, but it is more important

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Economic Effects of Alcohol and Drugs

Research reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that alcohol abuse costs the US around $223.5 billion annually, with close to 75% of the expenses related to binge drinking(1). Reduced productivity in the workplace accounts for the greatest cost, taking up more than 70% of the total cost of alcohol abuse, while paying for the health and law enforcement expenses related to problem drinking each accounts for

Are Oreos Really as Addicting as Cocaine?

Are Oreos Really as Addicting as Cocaine?

A new study has found that Oreo cookies are addicting, possibly even as addicting as cocaine. Researchers from Connecticut College looked at rats’ behavior when presented with Oreo cookies, and found that the rats behaved the same for Oreos as they did for cocaine. Comparing Oreos to Cocaine Researchers gave rats the choice between rice cakes or Oreos, and the rats chose Oreos every time. In a similar study, the

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Warnings about the Negative Effects of using Substances May not be Effective with Teens

A new study by Wellcome Trust researchers shows that warnings about the negative effects of using substances may be less effective in convincing teens to abstain than talking about the positive benefits of choosing to say no. Researchers believe that people have a natural tendency to ignore negative information they have been exposed to when making decisions, and feel this trait may be more prevalent in younger people. From Science Daily


Does Your Teen Have Unsupervised Access to Their Prescription Meds?

Do you have a kid at home who is on prescription meds? What are your rules around access to and unsupervised use of these pharmaceuticals? Your rules and attention to your child’s use of their own medication could be the difference between a properly medicated child or an addict, or even worse, life and death. In a study published by University of Michigan researchers, an alarming discovery was made. This discovery

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New Study Shows Alarming Information About Daily Adolescent Substance Use

According to a report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), an alarming number of adolescents are using drugs, alcohol and cigarettes on any average day. The report provides the following statistics about daily adolescent substance use. On an average day, 881,684 kids age 12 – 17 smoked cigarettes On an average day, 646,707 smoked marijuana On an average day, 457,672 drank alcohol According to an article about the report

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Rehab: Is 30 Days Really the Magic Number?

It has become common knowledge that inpatient rehabilitation programs are typically 30 days. This amount of time is generally accepted as effective, but where did this “magic” number come from? The origin of the month long inpatient rehab was not from evidenced based research concluding its effectiveness as is such with most medical and mental health treatments. The 30 days was merely a speculated number believed to be sufficient to

Cigarette taxation lowers binge drinking occurrences

Taxing Cigarettes More Helps Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Research has shown that people who smoke often drink more frequently and more heavily. Cigarettes and alcohol enhance the effects of each other, and according to an article from Medical News Today – “Smoking and drinking are strongly linked for a host of reasons including complementary pharmacologic effects, shared neuronal pathways, shared genetic associations, common environmental factors, and learned associations,” added Christopher W. Kahler, professor and chair of the department

pain management and addiction

Coping with the Need for Pain Management in the Face of Addiction

As prescription drug addiction continues to reach all time highs, the crisis is being seriously looked at by the American Medical Association. The AMA is trying to figure out a way to cope with the need for pain management while lowering the incidence of addiction. According to the American Medical Association “As policymakers craft solutions to address prescription drug abuse, diversion, overdose and death, it is critical that we do not unintentionally

ADHD Drugs

Emergencies Due to Misuse of ADHD Drugs Quadrupled in 6 Years

In 2011, statistics showed that 23,000 people ended up in the emergency room due to ADHD drug related situations. A dramatic increase since 2005 when only 5,600 cases like this were on record, this report illustrates just what a problem drugs like Ritalin and Adderall have become, especially in people between the ages of 18 – 34. Also very concerning is the information about how these young people acquired the

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