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The Effects of Drug & Alcohol Use During Pregnancy

If someone is planning to get pregnant in the near future, they should be committed to abstaining from drugs and alcohol for at least nine months to increase the chances of giving birth to a healthy baby. Illegal substances, prescription medications, alcohol, nicotine, and over-the-counter medicines can all have a negative impact on both the mother & the child and can result in some irreversible health concerns. Pregnancy & Drug

teenager looking annoyed at her mother

How to Help a Teenager Struggling with Drug Addiction

Many teens experiment with drugs and alcohol, but few realize how dangerous that can become. Drug abuse during someone’s formative years can have long-term cognitive effects as well as lasting effects on their conduct, demeanor, and quality of life. It is important to remember that experimentation does not always lead to addiction; the most salient course of action would be to create a safe and judgment-free space for your teen to feel able to be honest with you about their experiences. Early intervention and education

woman on International Survivors of Suicide Day

International Survivors of Suicide Day

Suicide can have devastating effects on the family and friends left behind. Being identified as suicide survivors is a very difficult title to carry. However, healing and moving forward is possible. To do this, some people may choose to participate in events like the International Survivors of Suicide Day. This event gives survivors a supportive place to join others on their grief journey. What is International Survivors of Suicide Day?

Depression in teens affects a young woman

How Depression in Teens Leads to Addiction

Depression in teens is far more common than many people realize. Unfortunately, there’s an overall lack of education regarding mental health in the United States. Too often, people disregard teen depression because they assume it’s normal. However, this misconception is one of the main reasons we have higher teen suicide, self-harm, and addiction rates than ever before. Understanding Depression in Teens Primarily, depression symptoms develop between the ages of 14

House Bill 2090

You Can Help Prevent Death From Opiate Overdose in Pennsylvania – Support House Bill 2090

The Pennsylvania legislature is getting ready to vote on a bill that could potentially save the lives of thousands of opiate addicts statewide. This life saving legislation (House Bill 2090) is to combat the alarming increase in heroin and opioid overdoses in the Commonwealth. We hope you will join us in this critically important endeavor and support House Bill 2090. The intent of the legislation is two-fold: To establish a drug overdose Good

Setting a Good Example

Setting a Good Example

Studies show that teens whose parents talk to them about the dangers of drug or alcohol abuse are 50 percent less likely to experiment with harmful substances. On the other hand, adults who abuse substances themselves are much more likely to raise children who also abuse drugs. Unfortunately, many children today grow up in households where their parents do not talk to them about drugs and alcohol, or worse, model


Does Your Teen Have Unsupervised Access to Their Prescription Meds?

Do you have a kid at home who is on prescription meds? What are your rules around access to and unsupervised use of these pharmaceuticals? Your rules and attention to your child’s use of their own medication could be the difference between a properly medicated child or an addict, or even worse, life and death. In a study published by University of Michigan researchers, an alarming discovery was made. This discovery


Parents who smoke pot don’t want their kids to – The Debate on Legalizing Marijuana

A recent online survey by Partnership at shows that parents who support the legalization of marijuana expect strict rules around the use of the drug to protect kids. According to USA Today, the survey reached – 1,603 adults, 1,200 of whom are parents of kids ages 10-19. About 35% of parents favored legalizing marijuana for recreational use, 46% said it should be decriminalized, and 70% supported legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

Babies born addicted to heroin

Every Hour a Baby is Born Addicted to Opioids

The opioid dependency epidemic in the United States has grown to such proportions that every hour a baby is born addicted to opioids. These opioid addicted babies are born with neonatal abstinence syndrome, because their mother used drugs during her pregnancy. A study in The Journal of the American Medical Association takes a look at this issue as well as the costs associated with treating these babies. “The incidence has gone crazy

Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse

5 Ways You May Be Encouraging Your Teen to Use Drugs or Alcohol

Parents don’t intentionally encourage their teen to use drugs or alcohol, but some of their actions can do this without meaning to. Here’s a list of 5 ways you may be encouraging your teen to use drugs or alcohol without realizing it: When a teenager starts using drugs, the finger-pointing begins. The first to get blamed is usually a parent, followed perhaps by a bad influence at school, an older

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