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Glasses of bourbon make you wonder what type of drug is alcohol

What Type of Drug Is Alcohol?

In the United States, anyone above 21 can legally consume alcoholic beverages. Despite the fact that it’s legal, alcohol can have highly destructive effects when using it excessively. Therefore, you might be wondering what type of drug is alcohol in addition to what steps you should take to help someone with a drinking problem. What Type of Drug Is Alcohol? To understand what type of drug is alcohol, let’s first

An unlabeled pill bottle illustrates drugs in america

The Opioid Epidemic and Drugs in America

In America, the challenges addiction to drugs pose are significant. Physical and psychological drug or alcohol dependence is causing many to lose jobs, wreck relationships, and fall into financial turmoil. Drugs in America, particularly heroin and opioid use, are a nationwide crisis that needs to be addressed with individualized care. The Hard Facts In recent years, the headlines highlight the extent of drug addiction in America. For example, the National

Pills illustrate xanax side effects

4 Xanax Side Effects

Xanax is a prescription medication in the benzo class. Overall, doctors prescribe it to calm panic and anxiety symptoms. Specifically, it inhibits certain brain activities, resulting in a calm, euphoric feeling. Learning about the other Xanax side effects helps you determine if you or someone you love has an addiction. Xanax Side Effects Xanax is a powerful medication and many people develop an addiction because of the way it makes

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4 Klonopin Side Effects

Klonopin (clonazepam) is a prescription sedative in the benzodiazepine class. It works to balance chemicals in the brain and medical professionals often prescribe it to treat seizure and anxiety disorders. However, because of its addictive qualities, doctors only recommend its use for short periods. Learning about the side effects of Klonopin can help you determine if you or someone you love has a dangerous dependence. Klonopin Side Effects If you

A women is conflicted about what type of drug is heroin

What Type of Drug is Heroin?

Although many people know heroin is dangerous, few people truly know why. What type of drug is heroin, exactly? Take an in-depth look at identifying the illicit substance, why it’s so addictive, and how you can overcome dependence. What Type of Drug is Heroin? First and foremost, heroin is an opioid drug. This means it’s from the pods of opium poppy plants. Typically, heroin comes from Southeast Asia. Furthermore, heroin

A man doesn't understand what is drug abuse

What is Drug Abuse?

Defining drug abuse isn’t always easy. A majority of people use prescription and recreational drugs. However, using doesn’t necessarily mean you have an addiction. What is drug abuse? To answer this question let’s explore how to identify substance abuse, why it’s so dangerous, and how to treat it. What is Drug Abuse? There are two main methods for classifying drug abuse. The first is the recreational use of almost any

what is zohydro addiction

What is Zohydro Addiction?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explain that the U.S. is experiencing an opioid crisis. About half of the deaths from opioids involve a prescription medication, including Zohydro. What is Zohydro addiction? It’s an overwhelming urge to use the substance despite the known consequences. What is Zohydro Addiction? Zohydro may be one of the country’s deadliest substances. Essentially, it’s a powerful painkiller that’s relatively new to the market. One

cocaine withdrawal

Symptoms of Cocaine Withdrawal

Part of overcoming a drug addiction is going through the withdrawal process. While a cocaine withdrawal isn’t pleasant, it is necessary for patients who are ready to make real lifestyle changes. Take a closer look at expected withdrawal symptoms as you prepare for a cocaine detox. Psychological Symptoms Withdrawal from cocaine is unusual because most symptoms are psychological rather than physical. However, that doesn’t mean that the process is any


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