Drug intervention helps someone you love to understand the depth of their drug problem. It is not a confrontation or “fight.” But it is the chance for your loved one to accept help for their addiction. Through this help, they receive a real opportunity for a brighter future.

What is a Drug Intervention?

young man in need of a drug intervention A positive drug intervention helps your loved one get the help they need. It is a process with a clear structure and end solution, such as a specific rehab’s enrollment. The overall goal of your drug intervention is to help the person you care about to accept their treatment needs and immediate help. The people involved in a successful drug intervention include family members, friends and other people with an essential role in that person’s life.

You do not have to plan an intervention alone. Instead, your chosen rehab offers resources for staging one of these events. This expert guides and educates you, other participants and the person with the substance abuse problem. They help you gain the outcome you need.

Is a Drug Intervention Imperative for Rehab?

You don’t have to do an intervention if your loved one seems open to talking about rehab and getting the help they need. But some people do not see their problem or its effects. They suffer deep denial and remain convinced they hold control over their drug use. They ignore the risks of their addiction and substance abuse.

If your loved one denies a need for rehab, this is not unusual. Maybe they blame you or other people or issues for their problem. If denial and outward blame dominate your attempts to talk with your relative or friend about their problem, an intervention will help.

When is the Best Time for an Intervention?

Many people lean on the old belief that when someone hits “rock bottom” they will seek help. But rock bottom is too often death. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, you should not wait until this breaking point. Even involuntary help can provide lasting sobriety.

The best time to intervene is early in the substance abuse or addiction. The earlier the better, as this prevents the worst problems from occurring in their life and yours. It also gives your loved one safety instead of allowing them to continue taking significant risks.

An individualized treatment plan should be ready so your relative can go into treatment right away. Have a bag packed for them after talking to the intervention expert about what they need during their rehab treatment. Talk to the rehab you choose and find out what help they offer for drug intervention, as well as how soon your loved one can go into their program. Intervention works best when rehab entry is immediate.

Getting an Expert’s Help at Steps to Recovery

You can easily gain the expert help you need for your drug intervention by talking to your chosen rehab. Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA provides the assistance and guidance you need to get your loved one into rehab quickly for the best possible treatment outcome. At the same time, you enroll your friend or relative in the treatment program best suited to their needs.

Programs of Steps to Recovery include:

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