If your loved one’s drinking is out of control or you know they suffer addiction to alcohol, you can help them get into rehab. An alcohol intervention provides this help, by leading them to see their problem clearly. This non-confrontational meeting gives the person you love a chance to accept rehab treatment. In turn, they also gain a real opportunity for a better future.

What is an Alcohol Intervention?

man in need of an alcohol intervention The right alcohol intervention helps your friend or relative realize their problem with alcohol is out of control. Until this point, most think they control their drinking. But you know differently and already feel the pain of your own over their slide into addiction.

An intervention follows a clear structure. It also offers an end solution, one that must include rehab treatment. Your big goal for this event is for them to accept they need rehab and to go there immediately. People taking part in the intervention include friends, family members and other influential people in their life, those affected most by the drinking.

You do not have to plan this meeting alone. Your chosen rehab program provides help to stage an intervention when needed. Expert guidance helps your group understand the problem of alcohol dependence. They also help your loved one see their big problem, even helping them get into rehab.

Is an Alcohol Intervention Required to get Someone into Rehab?

Getting someone into rehab does not always require intervention. If your loved one talks openly about their needs and understands treatment is essential, they may not need help getting there. Some people do not see their issues with alcohol, however. They live in denial and still think they control their addiction, instead of the alcohol controlling them.

If your loved one denies needing rehab care, they possibly blame you or others for their problem. If you see this type of denial and blame, you should set up an intervention.

When Should We Hold an Intervention?

You should never do what people believed right in the past, of waiting until your friend or relative hits “rock bottom.” Instead, the earlier you intervene, the better. Rock bottom often brings death and only makes people entering treatment travel a more difficult road to recovery.

Even getting them into treatment against their will can work. If nothing else, an unsuccessful intervention at one point leads to later entry into rehab for most people. It also breaks the cycle of silence, denial, and secrets. Your loved one sees you do not wear blinders when it comes to their behavior.

For your alcohol intervention, ensure you at least pre-enroll your loved one in rehab treatment. Keep the program aware of your intervention and when the person you love may enter a program. If your rehab needs your friend or relative to begin on a specific day, you can plan the event to happen when the rehab has an opening.

Expert Help At Steps to Recovery

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