Addiction Interventions

The purpose of an intervention is to help a person with a substance abuse issue become aware of their self-destructive behaviors. The ultimate goal of an intervention is to encourage someone to admit into formal drug and/or alcohol treatment. Interventions are never about shaming, blaming, attacking or expressing anger. During an intervention, participants help in “holding up a mirror” for the individual to see the severity and consequences of their actions. This can be difficult because of the delusions caused by the addicted person’s denial.

Most people suffering from the disease of addiction have an unrealistic self-assessment. They have lost the ability to ask for help. They operate under the belief that they can stop on their own or that their behaviors do not have a significant effect on their own life or anybody else’s. The truth is the alcoholic, drug addict, compulsive gambler, spender, sex addict, workaholic and codependent are trapped in a powerful, chronic, progressive and often fatal illness that must be treated.

A properly assessed and well-orchestrated drug, alcohol, or behavioral intervention has been a proven and effective way to begin the healing process. StR Intervention services immediately help struggling individuals access the gift of recovery. Our licensed clinicians and Certified National Drug & Alcohol Interventionists utilize a variety of approaches that are customized to each specific client.

Addiction Interventions through Steps to Recovery

A properly facilitated intervention involves education, compassion, and a thorough understanding of the dynamics involved in a loved one’s addiction. An intervention is not just about the person with a substance abuse issue, but everyone that it affects. StR interventionists use methods that aim to involve and educate everyone on the disease of addiction and process of recovery. We create a team with the family, certified interventionists, and case managers to work collaboratively and compassionately. Together we design and implement a thought-out approach that can best support the individual.

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