Meg began her career in the Drug & Alcohol field in 2011 after graduating with a BA in
psychology from Shippensburg University. She has worked a variety of different positions at a residential rehab and detox center until 2015 when she received my master’s from La Salle in Professional Clinical Counseling. After nearly 10 years in the D&A field, Meg decided to transition to family-based services working with high-risk adolescents. She was able to enhance her family therapy skills. She found that it was not the right fit for her because she missed the dynamics of the D&A field. She was able to use what she learned to apply it to her current work at STR.

Meg thinks family/marriage counseling is a crucial asset in strengthening sobriety since
relationships most often are strained. Working with the individual and their support system
is a large component of Adlerian Therapy. This is the therapeutic style she tends to practice in session because there is great focus on perception, trauma, family roles, and goal directed behavior. She believes ultimately the goal is to re-establish a new healthy sense of self through recovery. Early recovery is difficult but how STR designs our program to coordinate with housing and accommodate individual needs is unique. She believes it provides stability and safety with genuine staff that care.

Meg is very proud to be a member of this clinical team. So other than feeling passionate
about the power of recovery, Meg is devoted to her family – a husband and three ginger
babies. Meg’s major interests are live music, scary movies, gardening, Egyptian culture, and Sixers basketball. During the winter, you will find her refereeing youth basketball.

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