Steps to Recovery Clinical Director Manny Rivera

Manny is the Executive Director of Steps to Recovery in Bucks County and has over 10 years of experience in the treatment of Substance Abuse and Co-occuring disorders. Manny graduated from Rutgers University in 2008 with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and in 2011 completed his Graduate degree from La Salle University with a Masters in Clinical/ Counseling Psychology. Throughout his educational experience, Manny had worked in various clinical settings providing treatment to adolescent populations struggling with various Social Skills Deficits ranging from Autistic Spectrum Disorder to Conduct Disorder. In addition to this, over the last 10+ years, Manny has been providing treatment to those struggling with SUD and other related disorders. In terms of approach, both as a director and clinician, Manny implements a strategy in understanding the capacity for human relationships as being both rewarding and challenging. Early on in his education, his Professor said, “You cannot hope to know yourself (or anyone else) without understanding how the love-loss dynamic plays out in your life.” This has been a template for his experience of the work in developing relationships with people in order to invoke growth through social situations; while incorporating an understanding of one’s own issues of transference and counter-transference that often gets lost in most relationships where growth can occur.

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