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drug overdose deaths in Pennsylvania

Drug Overdose Deaths in Pennsylvania Statistics [Infographic]

Over the past few years, the number of drug overdose deaths continues to rise. Recently, government and health officials began placing a significant focus on battling this dangerous and unfortunate epidemic. To do your part to reduce this frightening number, you must learn what to look for in a loved one if you suspect an addiction. If you live in Pennsylvania, it’s also vital to understand how high the number

all about the most addictive drugs

Most Addictive Drugs [Infographic]

The United States is in the midst of a drug abuse crisis. Every day, more and more people try addictive substances for the first time. Sadly, every day, more and more people lose their lives to substance abuse-related overdoses. Understanding the prevalence and dangers of the most addictive drugs in the country can help protect you and those you love from their dangerous effects. Alcohol Addiction Alcohol is the most

Eating disorder statistics head 1196x798

Eating Disorder Statistics [Infographic]

Ask almost anyone how they feel about their bodies and you will get a response that includes something they want to change. Most often, this change has to deal with body weight. With the pressure to look perfect and fit the ideal mold at an all-time high, many of us place a focus on our weight. However, when that focus interferes with everyday life, you could be suffering from an


Cocaine Use Statistics [Infographic]

The United States has found itself in a battle against drug use for decades now. Currently, the primary focus is heroin and opioids. However, it’s crucial that other illicit substances should remain in the headlines as well. Cocaine is still a prominent drug in use today and requires attention to help remove it from our streets. Cocaine use statistics are still on the rise, rather than falling. All About Cocaine

5 deadliest effects of drugs head 799x478

5 Deadliest Effects of Drugs [Infographic]

Drug abuse has become a prominent problem in society. It’s no secret that drugs have adverse effects on the body. But, it’s vital to know just how dangerous the effects of drugs can be to your health. This knowledge can help prevent individuals to begin drug use while encouraging current users to stop. So just how dangerous can the effects of drugs be? Injuries Those under the influence of drugs

an infographic illustrating the stages of alcoholism

The 4 Stages of Alcoholism [Infographic]

While many people assume alcohol abuse is harmless, the drug can actually lead to devastating consequences. Across the US, drinking is considered socially acceptable and almost a rite of passage. According to National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, an estimated 88,000 alcohol-related deaths occur annually in America. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the 4 stages of alcoholism, so proper treatment can be sought before it’s too late. Stage 1:

An infographic on the long term effects of alcohol

The Long Term Effects of Alcohol [Infographic]

Having the occasional drink or two after work might seem normal to you. However, depending on how stressful your day was, you may feel the temptation to drink a few more. Eventually, you might find yourself having three to four drinks each night. Unfortunately, if you continue at this rate you’ll begin suffering the long term effects of alcohol abuse. You might not think you have a problem, but regardless,

An infographic illustrates alcoholism statistics

Current Alcoholism Statistics [Infographic]

In the United States, alcoholism is a serious and ongoing threat. Sadly, it’s rarely a topic of discussion until it impacts someone you know and love. Exploring these current alcoholism statistics reveals the scope of the epidemic, and highlights the isolating, devastating struggle many Americans go through. Troubling College Alcoholism Statistics Alcoholism doesn’t discriminate. It can impact people of every race, gender, age, and background. All too often, however, heavy

millennial prescription drug abuse

Are Millennials Really the Rx Generation? [Infographic]

In many ways, the statistics on millennial prescription drug abuse and other substance abuse and addiction are promising. Overall illegal drug use is on the decline, and so is the consumption of alcohol. However, the prescription drug epidemic has not skipped over millennials. In fact, the group is sometimes called Generation Rx. Millennials Most Likely Age Group to Use Prescription Drugs Prescription drugs are used by all ages, and all

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