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evidence of the dangers of Benadryl and alcohol

The Dangers of Mixing Benadryl and Alcohol

Surviving seasonal allergies while fulfilling personal and professional responsibilities can be incredibly difficult. It’s understandable that a person may take an antihistamine like Benadryl (the brand name of diphenhydramine) to relieve a runny nose and watery eyes. However, it’s not safe to mix an over-the-counter allergy medication with other behavior inhibiting substances like alcohol. For example, there are various dangers of mixing Benadryl and alcohol. Mixing Benadryl and Alcohol Benadryl

party drugs being shared at a party

What are Party Drugs?

In the club scene, party drugs lure in teens and young adults. A few innocent-looking pills quickly result in addiction. Fast forward a few months or years, and you find adults with dependency on club drugs. Here’s what you need to know. Common Party Drugs Someone Might Try to Sell You This Weekend Alcohol is, of course, at the top of the list. Parties and club environments are famous for

girl showing the connection between marijuana and teens

The Dangers of Marijuana and Teens

Marijuana or weed is a hot topic right now with many states debating if they should legalize it. Regardless of how people feel about the drug, most of them agree that marijuana and teens don’t mix. Despite this, teen weed use is at the highest level that it has been in over 30 years. This fact has a lot of people wondering about the dangers of teen pot abuse. Legalization

teen wonders is marijuana bad for you

Is Marijuana Bad for You?

With the legalization of marijuana in certain states, there’s a huge debate going on. This debate focuses on the potential health risks of smoking marijuana. Because of that, people are asking, “Is marijuana bad for you?” While it’s true that marijuana isn’t the most dangerous drug, it may have some health risks. Causal vs Heavy Use First, it’s important to start with the facts. Experts haven’t found much evidence to

girl wondering what is THC

What Is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a chemical found in marijuana. In fact, this chemical is responsible for most of the psychological effects that weed causes. However, what is THC, and what kind of impact does it have on the body? What Is THC? THC is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in cannabis plants. In people, it causes psychological effects. In plants, it and other cannabinoids are secondary metabolites. They have no primary

weed in containers as we ask is marijuana addictive

Is Marijuana Addictive?

When people think of addictive drugs, marijuana doesn’t usually come to mind. That’s because most of them think of weed as a non-addictive substance. However, experts still question is marijuana addictive. According to research, cannabis dependence is a real disorder. Is Marijuana Addictive? The short answer is yes, weed is addictive. However, it’s not addictive in the same sense that heroin and cocaine are addictive. Instead, marijuana causes psychological dependency.

examples of heroin as you ask what is heroin

What Is Heroin?

There are many hazardous and illegal drugs out there. However, few drugs are more addictive than heroin. With that said, not everyone knows what this drug is. So what is heroin? What Is Heroin? Heroin is a drug that comes from the opium poppy flower. It grows naturally in South America, Mexico, and Asia. The drug first became illegal in the United States in 1924 because it’s highly addictive. Heroin

individual purchasing over the counter drugs

The Most Common Over the Counter Drugs

Addiction is a major problem in the United States, but many people think it’s limited to illicit drugs. The reality is that more and more young people are experimenting with substance abuse in different ways. While illicit drugs are a big problem, many young people have much easier access to over the counter drugs. It’s important to know what sort of in-store medications people can abuse so you can get

evidence of marijuana abuse

Ending Marijuana Abuse

Some people believe that marijuana is a completely harmless drug that has no consequences. Although many think this is true, it is a misconception. Like many other drugs used recreationally, marijuana can become addictive. Learning the signs of marijuana abuse can help you get care before it’s too late. The Misconceptions of Marijuana Abuse Although many people don’t consider marijuana to be the most dangerous recreational drug, it can still

teen wonders what is carfentanil

What is Carfentanil?

With the growing opioid epidemic, more and more people are dying each year in the United States from overdoses. During these turbulent times, it’s important to have an education about what kind of opioids are out there. Someone you love may have an addiction to these drugs and may be at risk of losing their life to addiction. A question you may have about this fatal epidemic is, “What is


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