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How to Use the Term “Relapse”

Relapse is a serious concern that can lead to the rekindling of addiction or the development of additional health complications for individuals who have struggled

Portrait of mixed raced woman sharing troubles emotionally during group therapy session, copy space

What Is A Relapse?

Multiple Relapse Definitions Depending on who is asked to define the term “relapse,” they might do it differently. A doctor, someone who faces addiction, a

Relapse and Recovery group session

4 Important Things About Relapse

Posted by Steps to Recovery on March 22, 2013 When you or a loved one are in recovery, a relapse can feel like the end

Grateful people don't relapse addiction treatment

Grateful People Don’t Relapse

Posted by Steps to Recovery on February 1, 2013 Grateful people don’t relapse. When an addict can find gratitude in their life consistently, the potential

Christmas Alcohol Relapse

My Story About A Christmas Party Relapse

Posted by Steps to Recovery on Dec 25th, 2012…Merry Christmas to the recovery community! The holidays are definitely triggering and difficult for many people. Everything

Friend Relapses on Drugs and Alcohol

When a Friend Suffers a Relapse

By Steps to Recovery on December 5, 2012 When a friend or loved one in recovery suffers a relapse, their actions don’t only impact their

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