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a healthy meal related to orthorexia

Defining Orthorexia

The word orthorexia translates from Greek to mean “correct diet.” People with orthorexia are hyper-fixated on eating a particular diet. The diet eaten by people

young woman wondering what is disordered eating

What is Disordered Eating?

People who wonder what is disordered eating might be surprised to know it springs from an unhealthy relationship with food. Something that should nourish the

woman about to run wonders how much exercise is too much

How Much Exercise is Too Much?

Nutrition and exercise are two important foundations for good health. In fact, promotions abound that living a healthy lifestyle requires daily exercise. The “more is

woman wonders what causes eating disorders

What Causes Eating Disorders?

What causes eating disorders? Some people ask this question because they suffer from an eating disorder. Others ask it because they suspect that someone they

Eating disorder statistics head 1196x798

Eating Disorder Statistics [Infographic]

Ask almost anyone how they feel about their bodies and you will get a response that includes something they want to change. Most often, this

evidence of eating disorders in teens

Types of Eating Disorders in Teens

The abuse of food is on par with the misuse of drugs or alcohol. The behavior directly affects the brain’s reward center. It seeks to

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