how much do you know about dirty SpriteMost are aware of the number of prescription drugs available to the public. But did you know several homemade drugs are being sold as well? One significant example of a homemade drug is dirty Sprite.

What Is Dirty Sprite?

Dirty Sprite is a mixed drink that contains prescription-grade cough syrup and the lemon-lime soda Sprite. This drink has many names, including lean and purple drank. However, this specific beverage uses only Sprite for flavor, while lean and purple drank flavor with a variety of sodas or candies. In some cases, people add both soda and Jolly Ranchers to cover up the taste of the cough syrup.

People drink lean to get high. Prescription cough syrup typically contains codeine and promethazine. While not as addictive as heroin, codeine gives people a similar high. Promethazine, on the other hand, usually makes them feel lethargic or numb.

Why Do People Add Soda to Cough Syrup?

In most cases, prescription cough syrup tastes pretty bad on its own. Companies do that on purpose to deter people from merely drinking it to get high. Teens and young adults, however, mix the cough syrup with soda and other flavors to improve the taste.

Unfortunately, adding soda to the cough syrup is also what makes dirty Sprite so dangerous. Masking the bad flavor makes it easy to drink too much. It’s common for people to lose track of how much they drink.

What Makes Dirty Sprite so Dangerous?

Dirty Sprite and lean are dangerous because of the high-risk of overdose. When people drink too much, they suffer respiratory problems. In many cases, the side effects can lead to death. Famous rappers DJ Screw, Pimp C and Big Moe all met tragic fates after overdosing on lean.

Even famous rapper Lil Wayne found himself in the hospital after drinking too much. Doctors said he almost lost his life after suffering seizures that this addictive drink caused.

Getting Help

Getting help for lean and dirty Sprite addiction starts with opiate detox. Codeine itself is an opiate and has withdrawal side effects that are similar to heroin. Like drug alcohol detox, it’s important for people to seek professional help when detoxing from opiates.

After getting detox, people have to continue treatment at a rehab center. Those who undergo detox and rehab have a much better chance of overcoming addiction.

Let Us Give You the Help That You Need

At Steps to Recovery, we want to help you overcome your drug addiction. Whether you struggle with lean or alcohol, you can count on our friendly staff. We create unique treatment plans that cater to your individual needs. Some of the different programs that we provide include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Life skills training
  • Group therapy
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program

Don’t let dirty Sprite or other substances cause you to suffer from addiction. Reach out for help today. Call Steps to Recovery at 267.719.8528 for more information about how we can help.