teen wonders what is carfentanil

What is Carfentanil?

With the growing opioid epidemic, more and more people are dying each year in the United States from overdoses. During these turbulent times, it’s important

evidence of eating disorders in teens

Types of Eating Disorders in Teens

The abuse of food is on par with the misuse of drugs or alcohol. The behavior directly affects the brain’s reward center. It seeks to

woman wondering what is chemical dependency

What is Chemical Dependency?

Substance abuse is a precursor to chemical dependency. Precisely what is chemical dependency? How do you overcome it? Also, how can you prevent it from

evidence of signs of prescription drug abuse

Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

How do you know whether your use of prescriptions has crossed the line to abuse? Is a loved one struggling with a prescription drug problem?

woman wonders does alcohol kill brain cells

Does Alcohol Kill Brain Cells?

Alcoholism is a very deadly disease that’s killing tens of thousands of people each year in our country. Due to the massive opioid epidemic, many

individuals participating in one of the many types of group therapy

Common Types of Group Therapy

Therapy is an integral part of any rehab program. Experts agree that it helps people deal with the cause of their addiction. When it comes

man ponders the alcohol withdrawal timeline

Understanding the Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline

Many individuals struggle with alcohol abuse or addiction but don’t want to get help. Often, fear of withdrawal is a significant deterrent. By understanding the

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