man successfully staying sober during the holidays

Staying Sober During the Holidays

Men and women in recovery may worry about staying sober during the holidays. It can be especially challenging in the early days of recovery as

woman learning the answer to what is talk therapy

What Is Talk Therapy?

Are you wondering, what is talk therapy? If you’re seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, you may have come across the term. Maybe it

man showing the early signs of alcoholism

Early Signs of Alcoholism in a Loved One

Although it can seem like addiction sneaks up on you, there are often warning signs before then. If you care about someone who you suspect

woman experiencing holistic pain management

Benefitting From Holistic Pain Management

Pain management is one of the most sought-after services in the United States. People young and old find themselves looking for ways to deal with

man struggling with one of the many cognitive disorders

What Are Cognitive Disorders?

It’s not very often that people suffer from only one mental disorder. Experts suggest that once the brain develops any disorder, it’s easy for it

examples of heroin as you ask what is heroin

What Is Heroin?

There are many hazardous and illegal drugs out there. However, few drugs are more addictive than heroin. With that said, not everyone knows what this

group discussing depression and anxiety

Struggling with Depression and Anxiety

When you’re struggling with a substance use disorder, you may wonder how you got to where you are. Without realizing it, you might begin resorting

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