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14 Types of Holistic Health Practices

An Overview of Holistic Health Where does disease come from? And what can we do to combat diseases on our own while maintaining our health?

partial view of woman having acupuncture therapy in spa salon

What Is AcuDetox?

The Alternative Treatment Method for Addiction While traditional addiction and mental illness treatments have been proven successful in plenty of cases, they’re not always enough.

woman about to run wonders how much exercise is too much

How Much Exercise is Too Much?

Nutrition and exercise are two important foundations for good health. In fact, promotions abound that living a healthy lifestyle requires daily exercise. The “more is

young woman suffering from psychotic breaks

What Are Psychotic Breaks?

What do you think of when you hear the term “psychotic breaks?” More than likely, you don’t think of anything good. Both words “psychotic” and

woman experiencing holistic pain management

Benefitting From Holistic Pain Management

Pain management is one of the most sought-after services in the United States. People young and old find themselves looking for ways to deal with

woman experiencing the benefits of meditation

What Are the Benefits of Meditation?

Meditation is becoming a big part of addiction rehab. In fact, many centers use it alongside rehab staples such as group and individual therapies. Why

woman who needs to know what is chronic depression

What is Chronic Depression?

Is there more to the sadness that you feel than meets the eye? Maybe you’re struggling with a persistent form of depressive episodes. What is

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